Museum of World Treasures

by Breanne

June 24, 2024

The Museum of World Treasures is located in the Old Town of downtown Wichita. It is in a nice large brick building that used to be an old paper factory. There is no parking lot, there is parking on each side of the large courtyard. Just FYI there are some homeless in the area but they didn’t bother us. We even ate our packed lunch in the courtyard.

There are three levels of exhibits. Additionally, there is also a set of stairs and one elevator in the building with restrooms on the second floor. There is everything from ancient world history to American history wars. Near the elevator, you can find scavenger hunts for different age levels. They looked like fun, but we didn’t find them til after the first floor, so grab them first if you want to do them.

dinosaur bone skeletons 3

First Floor

When you walk in after buying your ticket, you will start your adventures with the fossil gallery walking among the dinosaurs including seeing bones and casts. Within this area, there is a piece of the Berlin Wall part of the Cold War that divided Berlin from the 60s-the 80s.

The last of the first half part of the bottom floor also includes Sea Creatures of the Plains, which included Kansas fossils that are creepy and kept me walking. Then there are Rocks and Minerals with lots of fun diamonds, gold, geodes, and more. There are some really pretty rocks and stones.

display areas on the floor shows desk and glass areas

The second half of the bottom floor is all other cultures and world ancient history. Including seeing some Buddhas of different styles and Hindu. Includes art from Asia, Africa, and pre-Hispanic.

In Ancient Egypt you will find several coffins, mummies, and jewelry, then continue on to Greece and see the pottery, don’t forget to walk through the Ancient Rome coin timeline and statues.

model of ship inside glass case

Second Floor

Afterwards, you can continue upstairs by stairs or elevator. The second floor includes an area on European Medieval history and many of the wars the United States have been invaded in. The medieval area was very cool with knights and an area to take a photo on the balcony.

mock version of the presidential desk

I enjoyed looking at all the war items, I don’t think I have ever seen other countries’ uniforms and weapons quite as extensive as those from the North Vietnamese, South Korean Army, navy, and other areas. You can see medical kits, rations, plane and ship models, and letters from those who were around. In the Civil War, you can see a set campsite of a tent and fire. Don’t miss the communication center set up in one of the other areas.

world war uniforms from around the world

Don’t forget to check out the Founding of America and Presdiental Hall. There you can see the desk setup from the White House, and foods colonial Americans eat, and documents of the founding fathers. They have a timeline of presidents from first to current showintg pictures, years of service, things that happened during the time, and history documents from that time.

Third Floor

Last but not least is the third floor which is mostly a rentable event space and classrooms. The area upstairs for kids to play with Magnatiles, little tikes cars, and books. There is also an area with Authors that have a signed book by Walt Disney, and Harry Poter. There is an area with Cold War and Old West. We enjoyed seeing the cowboys a saddle to see what it’s like in a saddle and lasso too.

civil war tent set up

This museum was interesting and its made more for teens and adults with some tweens that would be interested if they enjoy these topics. It has a collection of many different pieces of the world all under one roof. They have family day passes, along with discounts for teachers, students, and military with valid ID. Finally, if you live in Kansas have children 5-18 it is also part of the Sunflower Summer program currently.

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