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brown wood floor and wall, shows picture of Breanne, Chris, Braden, and Elizabeth and dog Cookie

We are the Clemmensen Family!

We are a Kansas planted family making the best of what life has to offer. Sharing experiences and expertise in family lifestyle topics, specifically travel including local explorations and day trips. When we aren’t out and about, you’ll find us crafting and building. We enjoy family time from swimming and playing with our Goldendoodle Cookie. We are excited that you stopped by so we may share our experiences with you.

Meet Chris…

Being one fourth of Adventures from Kansas, also Breanne’s other half and father of two amazing kids. Normally you’ll find me sitting with a computer screen and an iPad screen in front of me working on one thing or another from art and design to writing. Doing two things at once (or more) is something I’ve always done and it is never anything new to me when I have to do a little multitasking!

I have been into art and anything creative all my life. I love playing video games on my down time (which doesn’t happen often but I still love to do it!). I also create and sell art as well as working as a transcriptionist.

tree and fence background, featuring Chris with back to the future car shirt on with blazer.
blue background, with yellow shirt and blue sweater

Meet Breanne…

She has been Chris’s other half for the past 16 years and counting, and is an amazing mother to our two children. Over 10 years ago she also became a homeschool teacher to Braden and Elizabeth, something she never thought she would do but it was something that God led her to start. She loves cooking – no recipe cooking, being creative with all types of crafts. She loves all things Disney including the man Walt. Braden has introduced her to the full world of trains and knowledge and Elizabeth to American Girls.

While most people say you’ll find them with coffee in hand all the time, that is not the case here. It’s water water water, all the time. She drinks so much water she makes the fish jealous! In addition, her second home is also the swimming pool.

Meet Braden…

This hilarious 15 year old can usually be found running around his enormous trains building, and recreating his favorite Thomas and Friends episodes, or staging one of his many train crashes. It’s what he loves to do and he shows it through all of the videos he has made and all of the trains he has collected. He’s started scratch building and building dioramas, including custom engines even using 3D printed creations.

This awesome guy has such an imaginative mind and can really crank out some cool 3D models!

Trains aside, he is a fan of pretty much all things Disney. And not just the movies, but the parks and the man himself as well! One of his favorite things to watch on YouTube is Disney history (or “Distory” if you ask him). He is one of our experts on a Disney travel and has a wealth of knowledge about the history of Walt Disney himself and all of his parks!

braden in train shirt lending on stone gate wall with jacket
Elizabeth laying on the brick ground with vest and pink dress

Meet Elizabeth…

Ever the spunky ball of energy and life, this dancing 13 year old can be found crafting, reading, or creating her next American Girl scene with her girls and their endless accessories. She’s exploring the world around here and seeing what interest her. From chasing trains with her brother she has found a love for old cars and trucks.

Just like her brother, she loves everything about Disney. When she isn’t surrounded by her American Girl dolls watching her favorite shows, she can usually be found curled up (sometimes in some very unusual locations) with a stack of her favorite books.

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