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Who Are We?

We are the Clemmensen Crew. There is Chris, Breanne, Braden, and Elizabeth. We can’t forget Cookie. We are sharing our speciality on lifestyle, specifically with travel, crafts, trains, and eating gluten free. 


 Chris is a gaming, movie-loving and Chinese eating graphic artist and illustrator. Normally you’ll see him with an open laptop on his right, an open iPad on his left, and his phone out playing whatever Spotify playlist he is in the mood for. When he’s not surrounded by his electronics, he surrounds himself with his family and dog.  


Breanne loves tacos or really anything Mexican, getting her hands dirty, and being creative with fabric and paper. If she isn’t working on a project she is either snuggled up with a book or playing with her two kids. 


Braden is a train-loving, lego-playing, engineer at heart. When he isn’t drawing up track plans or building you will find him doing his school work or playing with his sister and dog. 


  Elizabeth enjoys playing with her American Girls and Littlest Pet Shop toys, or crafting and spreading her love of glitter. If she isn’t doing these she is spending time with her family and her dog. 

Recent Posts 

Saving Black Friday 2023

Saving Black Friday 2023

Saving for Black Friday 2023 holidays this year has been even stranger. It seems like we are seeing a trend as more stores are going to 'Black Friday' is a month-long event with each store doing sales and events each week. This year, I am mostly focused on staying...

Spending a Day in Atchison

Spending a Day in Atchison

Atchison is just about an hour north of Kansas City which makes for a perfect day trip. The city was built on the riverfront of the Missouri River. It has many beautiful historical homes to drive by including the home of St Benedictine College, birthplace of Amelia...

Fall Books

Fall Books

We love our books and love sharing suggestions with you to create your own library at home. Even though the kids are getting older, we still love to pull out some of our favorites to read around the holidays and seasons. Reading to your child is so good for them but...

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