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Summer Reading BINGO

Make reading fun again with this Summer Reading BINGO challenge.

Letter to Santa

Looking for some stationary to write a letter to Santa, we have a free one for you right here.

Monthly Bill Checklist

white background with Monthly Bill Checklist on top with yellow header with checkboxes with place for company, and then each month

Trying to figure out what bills need to be paid, these handy sheets, allow you to put the company, due date, and then check them off.

Elfed Game

You’ve Been Elfed! Game to Surprise Your Neighbor or Friends This Season

State-to-State Planner Sheet

white background with pages of the state to state adventures with yellow board and teal line, then two state pages shown with yellow white lined paper and check box

Do you have a list of all these places you want to visit or try from online to friends and family, keep it organized with this State to State Adventures.

Warning Letter

Fillable Letter from Santa about naughty behavior. Great for kids, spouse, co-workers, and anyone who would find it funny.

Other Freebies

Created during Covid-19 to make summer fun, still works if you can’t travel or need at-home ideas for any reason.

white background with poem worksheets places to draw and then write a word

Acrostic Poems with Space to draw pictures from every day to season words.

white background with T W B letters shown with Taco, Waffle, and Bacon

Practice Your Handwriting with these sheets, all about Food.

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