A Visit to Sar-Ko Park

Sar Ko Park
by Chris

September 6, 2019

Sar-Ko-Par Trails Park (Sar-Ko Park)

It had been a while since our last visit to this park so we decided to go and check out its newest playground additions. This park has always been a favorite of mine, with its large ponds and walking trails and now with their cool new play areas. One of the great things about a park of this size is that there is multiple parking areas rather than one large area.

The other thing is that each area has its own restroom. I’ve been to some parks where there is only one large restroom area for the whole place. This can be a little inconvenient depending on where you’re starting from. If you have kids, especially younger ones, then you know when they say they gotta go, they gotta go. And it was nice that no matter where we were at there was always one in a very short walking distance.

Sar Ko Park

Sar Ko Park

Our first stop was the new addition next to the pond. They did a great job all around with the design of this area. While not overly large, it was still a very cool spot that Braden and Elizabeth were very excited to check out. One thing I loved was the surface material used. Now, my memories of playgrounds as a kid included either small rocks, dirt, or sand to walk on. This one has padded AstroTurf which works so well for a couple of reasons. First, keeping the play area clean. Second, giving the designers the ability to build in small hills and mounds to play compared to a completely level ground. The climbing areas and slides were surprisingly tall which both kids loved.

Also, for a new area, the builders did an awesome job and making sure it was very well shaded. I’ve been to some parks that have surprisingly little shade. You end up baking in the sun while your kids are running around. I could definitely sit at this park for quite a while and not feel like I was searching and searching for a cool spot. Oh, and finally, one thing I’ve never seen a public park offer is WiFi. Well, now I’ve seen one. Now, it doesn’t cover a very large area, but if you want to go out and still be able to connect to the internet while the kids are playing then this is a great place to sit for a while.

This isn’t the only play area, there are more around the park. They are mainly geared toward slightly younger kids (although all can enjoy it). All very well maintained and with the same padded AstroTurf surface.

The rest of the park is equally kept up and looking great. Nice extra wide walking paths (easily enough for 3-4 people walking side by side) throughout the park. And great scenery all around from all of the mature trees to the pond and sculpture.

In addition to the large open walking and recreation areas and playgrounds, this park has many other great features. There is a community garden which is rented on a plot by plot basis. As well as a large city pool complete with diving boards and water slides. There are also various sports areas. They have a few lighted tennis courts although they were under construction so I wasn’t able to see much of them. There are also basketball courts and a disc golf course as well. One of the standout areas in this park is the skateboard area which is right at the main entrance. I’ve seen some crammed into a very small space and it’s nice that they built this one and kept the different trick areas spread out a little more.

Sar Ko Park

In this park there is truly something for everyone. If you haven’t been lately or at all make sure you go check it out. From spring to fall it’s a beautiful place to spend the day.

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