The Garage in Salina, Kansas

picture of the outside of a brick building in Salina, KS with train track out from housing the garage
by Breanne

February 10, 2024

Love Cars? The Garage in Salina, KS is the place for you. Making a day trip to Salina from Kansas City is very doable. It is one of the longer day trips but worth the trip to the area and you can make other stops afterward. They really thought about how different ages could be here and how to keep the others entertained.

Hot Wheel garages on top of tables with car run inside the garage in Salina

What to Expect When Visiting The Garage

When you first walk in, you can see some waiting areas, a large desk a few vehicles, and a Hot Wheels area. You can also tell it splits to the side behind the desk and in front of the desk through the gift shop. The area behind the desk has an exhibit that changes out. Currently, there are trucks but in August it will be Corvette for a few months, before some other neat exhibits.

Shiny Gold Car on platform on the garage auto car museum floor

Also in this area they have an area with a seat belt convincer that the kids did. it is next to a wall about safety on cars. Love the timeline about when things were added to cars like backup cameras and side indicators.

girl on seat belt tester ramp at the garage

Across the room, there is a side room that has several simulators like dirt track driving, paint spray, and welding. These were fun to try out and practice on. Seeing all the different style of trucks and ages were a lot of fun. The old oil rig truck was pretty awesome. A few made me think of what I used to see on the road. They had tons of fun playing trivia on the screens at the end of this room. There are items all around of old advertising signs, gas pumps, and more. Before going back into the main room, get a selfie at the hub cap wall. The newer style gas pumps have information screens to play on and learn more.

dirt track racing car at the garage in Salina ks

The next side is all about custom cars. The signage in front of the custom cars tells you about the car, what it did, and who owns it. There is also fast racing like NASCAR, Lego building, another Hot Wheels table, car rug, and magnetic car wall. You can also check out pinewood derby cars to race.

push along cars strollers against a window

More Information to Know About The Garage Auto Museum

Don’t forget about the toddlers! Anyone who can sit can visit and also be pushed around in their own car as you’re seeing the Garage Museum. I also love that if you do this as an adult trip you can get a glass of beer from the Icebox. Walk around and sip as you take it all in including coffee and a few snacks.

The Garage Automotive Museum is a great attraction in Selina to learn and see different cars in one spot.

tools for auto car making.

Don’t forget to check out the other things in downtown Salina also or near by cities like the presidential library.

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