An Afternoon Adventure at Franklin Park

Franklin Park Playground
by Breanne

June 14, 2019

An Afternoon Adventure at Franklin Park…

Today, we adventured to Franklin Park which is located in Prairie Village. It’s a very shaded park which is wonderful in the summer. They have 3 main play areas that include a small kids area, larger for like 5 and up, and than a more nature area.

Small Kid Playarea

The first area is a boat shaped design for children under 5. It has a small rock wall, stairs, and this blue leading up, as well as a ladder. They have slides and one of those speakers so kids can whisper into one side to someone waiting on the other end.

Franklin Park Playground

This area also has a rock like hill on the outside with a neat fossil on the inside to run thru. They also have two spring animals to play with.

Bigger Kids Area

The second area is for 5-12 year olds. They have lots of unique climbing features and a conveyor belt slide which was a huge hit. They also have these two chairs you sit in and spin in. I would have tried them out if the line wasn’t so long. It also has some normal slides but it’s mostly a big climbing structure.

Franklin Park Playground

Nature Area of Franklin Park

The third area is the nature area. They had logs in a circle so you can sit and eat together. They also have some lined up to walk on and some rock bridges. I also like the little creek they had, it’s maybe an 1-2” deep and very narrow at most parts so it’s great for not getting hugely soaked but a little wet. It’s also fun to race boats or ping pong balls down. They also have a sand pit area, I like that adults could sit there if they choose.

Franklin Park Playground

They do have a few swings (2 regular and 2 toddler) off to the side. But it has a huge green space area for whatever you’d want to play. It also has a baseball diamond and a soccer goal. There is a walking trail around the park as well.

It’s nicely shaded in the playground and water area and it includes some picnic tables.

They also have a pavilion and restrooms. Overall it’s a very unique park and a great place to take the family. Comment below with some of your favorite parks in the area!


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