Wonderful Gluten Free Bakery

by Breanne

June 15, 2019

Emily Kate’s, Wonderful Gluten Free Bakery…

This morning we got cookie sandwiches from a local bakery, Emily Kate’s Bakery, for Father’s Day.

This is one of my husbands favorite desserts and we haven’t even had a gluten free version. It was so fun to see this treat on the Father’s Day menu.

Since we haven’t had them before I did what we always do with trying new food, I got one of every flavor so we could pick our favorites so in the future we know exactly what we’d want to get. Today, we tried Chocolate Chip Sprinkle, Peanut Butter Chocolate, and Oatmeal Raisin Cream.

Daddy’s overall favorite was the peanut butter chocolate. The chocolate wasn’t too strong and he liked the combination with the peanut butter cookies. He also said the chocolate chip sprinkle was by far the sweetest of the three. Not a bad cookie at all, just very sweet. He loved that all the cookies were not dry and loved the icing on all three.

Elizabeth’s favorite was also the peanut butter chocolate and her least favorite is the chocolate chip sprinkles.

Braden’s favorite was also peanut butter chocolate and the chocolate chip sprinkles. He said they are messy to eat but delicious.

My favorite, surprisingly, is the oatmeal raisin cream. I don’t like raisins but I really like this one.  It wasn’t too sweet, just a perfect balance. The chocolate wasn’t my favorite even though the rest of the house liked it. There wasn’t a very strong chocolate taste but good balance. The chocolate chip sprinkle was really sweet for me but I don’t eat as much sweet as I used to so I think that was part of it. But I do think it was really good and I would still get it again which is nice because it’s a great treat and I can eat half now and save half for another time.

So, overall, these were a big win in our house and we will be getting them again as a special treat. We have ordered from Emily Kate’s before, we love her iced sugar cookies, there’s a wonderful hint of lemon they have and she always does a great job with the decorations. A few of the other things we have ordered and enjoyed are their take and bake pie crust which I will be using later today to make an Apple pie for a family dinner. It has also worked great with quiches or anything else you need pie crusts for. We’ve also ordered their buttermilk biscuits cooked as well as take and bake, both ways have been delicious. It’s hard to tell they are gluten free which when it comes to buttermilk biscuits is tough. We can’t wait to try some of the other treats we haven’t had before.

If you are local to Kansas City, you need to check out Emily Kate’s bakery. You can order online, and some local Whole Foods carry their products in stores as well as some coffee shops. Check their website for locations.

We are always looking for new places to try so if you live in a different area and have some favorites please comment below!

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