Haha Tonka near Camdenton, MO

by Breanne

May 10, 2016

When visiting the Lake of the Ozark, many just think of the lake and the activities that it can provide like fishing, boating, and such. There are other things to do around the Lake of the Ozark like Haha Tonka near Camdenton, Missouri.

view of Ha Ha Tonka castle

Friends invited us down that haven’t been in awhile so we took them to this neat park. Taking kids to Ha Ha Tonka was a different experience than enjoyed before. Taking in this park can be great fun, you can get there by boat or vehicle.


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Haha Tonka Water Tower

History of Ha Ha Tonka Park

If you haven’t been to the Ha Ha Tonka before you have to first stop and see the castle ruins. This castle was supposed to be a business guys get away from the big city of Kansas City in the 1900’s, on his way traveling down there he had Missouri’s first automobile accident and was killed. At some point later┬áthe sons┬áturned it into a hotel, but it burnt down in 1940’s, eventually even the watertower burnt down too. It over looks the lake and the springs wonderful beautiful landscape.

HaHa Tonka Castle

Features around the Park

view of Lake of the Ozark from the castle

Other than the castle ruins there are other items to see at this park and such great beauty you see why this guy picked this area to build a home away from home. Some of these features include a natural spring, the balancing rocks, and the natural bridge. You can hike a ways or you can visit most of these places by car and then only walk a little bit…as we had one kid with a broken arm, a barely 3 year old, and other children we went this route this time. Tip if you are going to visit take walking shoes that no matter what.

natural springs at HaHa Tonka

Natural Bridge and walk paths are unique. It is such a cool and unique feeling walking under a bridge that man had nothing to do with creating.

walk path between rocks

bridge made of natural rock


I would love to hear in the comments below if you have ever been to Ha Ha Tonka.

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