Disney on Ice Mickey’s Search Party Review

by Breanne

April 6, 2019

Well, we still had tickets for tonight’s Disney on Ice Mickey’s Search Party, even though we are going through everything with my husband’s foot.

Heading to Disney on Ice

We took grandma in his place. We always leave early and eat downtown in the Power and Light District. Tonight we did Chipotle which was perfect because it wasn’t too far away and easy to get in and out. We also like to get a picture taken, this year they had Miguel from Coco and they even had a frame to match, Ariel from Little Mermaid, and Moana or Maui from Moana. The last two had a simple generic frame.

Experiencing Mickey’s Search Party

We went on an Adventure Under the Sea, to See the Dead, to Andy’s room, Arendelle, the Heart of Te Fiti, and A New World tonight. Do you know which movies were represented?

Tonight’s show was really different from past shows. There was a lot more acrobatics in the show using ropes, trampolines, and twirling. I really enjoyed most of the show. I like that they are changing it up and didn’t just seem like a repeat of older stuff pulled from different older shows like the past. They used a lot of neon and black lights in this show. There were fireworks and some loud sounds, so fair warning if you have a kid who doesn’t like those sounds.

This show uses pirates and Mickey’s gang to help work its way through a puzzle to find Tinker Bell. They did a great job of introducing each part of what new movie was coming out.

I loved they finally changed up Frozen and yet still left it intact. I also loved that they used the beginning of the movie for the majority of the Frozen plot.

Tonight’s Coco part was new and different. I enjoyed it but felt like it was missing the heart of the movie. I didn’t understand the big giant skeleton the grandpa and such at the end. Also, they were waving backward which were the skaters. This movie is so awesome but I feel like they missed it on this. Oh the other hand, Moana was new tonight too.

Moana was amazing they used some of the key songs How Far I’ll Go and You’re Welcome. I did feel like the demigod didn’t seem muscular and actually a little skinny compared to the movie but it and the song and dancing seemed in line and loved how the boat moved around the ice.

We saw the genie at the lamp, they used Robin Williams for the voiceover. At first, they started singing and you’re like that’s not the right song and then you realize the words are correct but not the animated version, I am guessing but I have a feeling we heard the new version for the live-action movie coming this summer.

Under the sea, the sea urchin, sea horses, and other under the sea costumes were amazing, then the seaweed came out and kinda was laughable and seemed like a costume compared to the others. Ariel and Eric did a great job. They picked kids from the seats to sit in the submarine.

Belle’s act seemed a little updated from the past Beauty and Beast. Lumiere and Cogsworth I feel represented the new live-action show vs the past. They were very glittery. I loved all the twirling this show did, the dishes did an amazing job.

We also saw a brand new Toy Story and it was amazing. I love all the flips and tricks on the ice and the ball being animated and how they brought it to the audience. This entire show had way more audience participation than the past. Many kids sat on the corner side. The ball being thrown was the coolest.

I was disappointed in the snow cone cups. We always get one and they didn’t have any for the new parts like Moana and Coco. They had a mug from Beauty and the Beast which was the first I had seen of it but all the full 3D ones were repeats. I like doing the snow cones because it’s a treat there and a nice souvenir for taking home.

Overall, I would recommend this show. It’s updated, it’s fun, I think it’s the first time I saw more boys for all the fun things than girls. I loved they showed both. Lots of fun and a great way to get a Disney fix when you live in landlocked Kansas. Here is a very short clip of some of the action you would see.

Disney on Ice Mickeys Search Party is here in Kansas City for a few more days but it’s just starting its tour across the country so a great time to get tickets for your city.

Notes from Braden about this show:

Not bad, Coc was the worst show of all. Toy Story is good and Frozen. Moana was good too. I like the pirates are funny. So Disney on Ice is good.

Disclaimer: We purchased the tickets ourselves, the reviews of this blog post are ours alone. We didn’t receive any compensation for this piece.


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