Amazon Prime Day 2023 – College Edition

by Breanne

July 10, 2023

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Celebrate summer with Prime Day deals this year on July 11th & 12th! You have to have a Prime membership to enjoy these deals. This awesome membership includes 2-day free shipping, tons of music and videos, free photo storage, and more! Try it out for a 30-day free trial.

As I learn of items selling out, I am crossing them out but leaving them for reference.

Needing some need clothes or an Uber to take you from campus to Walmart for food, supplies, and more let your money go further with these gift cards with an extra bonus code.

We love using items like this to move the college kid back and forth each school year.

Must-Have College Items

As an avid water drinker, everyone needs a water bottle or cup of some sort. We all have a type we like better. I perfer insulated and a straw, but here is a selection on sale for prime day at good discount between straws and traditional cups. Are you a Simple Silm Fan check out these, Nalgene Fan these are on sale today, or maybe a Stanley Fan, Camelback fan these are on sale. Yeti Fan check out these on sale.

Some basic needs for dorm life are extenstion cords, surger protectors, and 3M Strips. All of these items make life easier to get everything connected, hung up, and make your dorm room more organized for the year. Shelves are certainly handy to store extra things on. You can get the more traditional style but metal like these are more heavy duty for moving each year. Can Opener makes it easier for some foods to eat.

If you haven’t purchased your laptop, they have a few on sale today and tomorrow. Laptops are had to tell you what you need as each person is different. Think about what type of major you are going into, are you doing something like CAD or Graphic Design that needs a lot of space to run. If you are only taking business classes you most likely don’t need something as hardy. Check your school or degree if you are confused or send me a PM and I’ll try to help.

Headphone are something you will need in college to not annoy your roommate, check out these Apple Airpods at best price. Don’t want apple, no biggie Beats have some amazing sales going on too.

Not fun but need is USB drives, here is a Type C Usb, or a traditional USB 128GB one. Great highlighters for your books are on sale these pastels are an awesome price.

Do get extra storage these 24 pocket over the door organizers come in hand, I used this one on my cruise and it worked great.

Fun Extra College Items

These items are not necessary for college life, but they sure do make it easier. The Keurig to make late night cup of Joe for studying. This is the slim-line version great for small spaces like a dorm. The sale offers many colors. I love my Apple Watch and would replace it tomorrow if it broke so had to include them since they are an awesome sale price. Of course, a normal toothbrush will do but an electric one is even better. Check out these by Sonicare or by Oral B. Along with toothbrushes are Waterpiks that make them floss better. Make Up Erasers are so easy they just use water and get off all the makeup then you wash them and use them again!

I had to honorably mention the Apple ipad, as some prefer this for taking notes and such.

Just Needs

Some items are just needed if they are in your home or outside, like razors, body soap, and more. Save some money with these Prime Deals. Men’s Dial Shampoo and Body Wash, Flamingo 5 Blade Handle and Refills comes in a few colors, and Harry’s Men Razor also comes with refills and in a few different colors. When I went away to college, I had to get more makeup because my sister and I shared a few things and that wasn’t going to be possible anymore so here some sale from Maybelline, Revlon, and Honest.

Check out these Dry Erase, Sharpie, and and Pens. My favorite are the Paper Mate Flairs and these Erasable Pens for note keeping and planners.

Honorable Mention

Not a need but definitely an honorable mention is this set of Post It Notes.

Check out some Amazon Favorite Prime Deals here or for babies.

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