Prime Day 2023: Favorite and Must-Have Items

by Breanne

July 10, 2023

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Prime Day is on July 11th and 12th of this year. You have to have a Prime membership to enjoy these deals. This awesome membership includes 2-day free shipping, tons of music and videos, free photo storage, and more! Try it out for a 30-day free trial.

Need a new TV check out these deals a 50 inch fire TV under $200 and other Fire TVS as special invitation.

Check out these Gift Card deals, these are great even for yourself to make your money go further and we all know we need that right now. Don’t forget to think about back-to-school clothes too.

As I learn of items selling out, I am crossing them out but leaving them for reference.

Items I Use From Amazon

Sharing my favorite items that I currently love or have loved in the past here.

Here is also a deal to get a few months of different types of streaming services for $0.99 to try them out or binge watch that show that has been on your list.

Amazon products are on sale of course. One of our favorites is the Echo Dot, you can also get a Pop, which is a little cheaper. They just are a lower sound quality and the sound is not multidirectional (Echo has great sound in the middle of a room, Pop has great sound against a wall or in a corner). So, unless that is important to you or you know you are going to be doing a lot of music playing you can’t go wrong with the dot or pop. We also have an Echo Show 5, but they do have an 8 available now too. We ask it to turn on and off our lights, for weather updates, I have had it quiz my kids in math facts, and so much more.

We love purchasing movies from Amazon to watch on any of our TVs or devices. Have a summer fun night with Super Mario Bros the MOVIE on sale!

Legos are a favorite around here, these are some great discounts so make sure to check them out for upcoming birthdays or even hide them for the December holidays. MagnaTiles were one of my kids favorite toys as preschoolers and played with them til middle school highly recommend too. K’Nex is also an amazing STEM toy we have a few sets and they are still played with 10 years later.

If my Apple Watch broke tomorrow, I would go out to replace it. It makes it so I dont check my phone as often and get sucked in. I love the fitness items too. SE Version

Also love a good pain relief cream this Arnicare Cream doesnt smell like Biofreeze and IcyHot do and works great. Grab it at almost 50% off.

Kitchen Favs

I am a huge believer in Corelle! My grandparents, parents, and several always used it. My husband had never heard of it and talked me into trying stonewear, I hated it when we got married. We finally went to Corelle, he saw how much lighter it was, how many more stacked in the same space in the cabinet, and that they didnt show wear as easy. There are a few pieces on sale during Prime deals – bowls, plate sets, and serving bowls. Check them all out here.

Some of my favorite collagen & protien powders are on sale try them out with this deal. What do I use to mix my shakes in a blender of course and I have loved the Ninja for a while. Even though I have seen a Vitamix at work a few times and kinda have my eye set on it, which is also on sale. This is the cookware at my new home right now and we have greatly enjoyed how easy it is to cook in and to clean.

This Farberware meat and potato masher makes grounding beef so much easier. Another item I would buy again if mine ever broke. I have bought the aqua one for gifts before.

My favorite type of cup for a while has been Tervis they have a few on sale, they are made here in the USA. They have a limited lifetime warranty which I have never had an issue with. The fishy one is my favorite and the waterbottle is nice for travel. Yeti is another favorite and these are on sale I only have personal use of the cups.

When it comes to the best mixer the Kitchen Aid is a staple. These prices are awesome.

Another Kitchen Favorite is my Instant Pot , Air Fryer, and Food Saver. This milk frother is an even better deal than what I paid last Black Friday at under $10.

Travel Prime Deal

When it comes to luggage best brands are Samsonite and American Tourister. Now of course there are other brands that are good these are just some of my favorites.

One of the things in my cruise post is this 24 pocket shoe organizer now its even cheaper. We like using these in the car. AirTags have made traveling easier, if on a plane we put it in our luggage, at Walt Disney World we put it on the toddlers that are runners, there is so many uses for these at home to like keys and remotes somtimes. BagSmart is some of my favorite toiletry and travel bags and if you don’t think they are good they have over 44, 000 reviews and 5 stars.

Of course, this isn’t a necessity for travel but an honorary mention is an Apple iPad, I use it outside of travel to and they are on sale today.

Life Straw is a personal straw for hiking, camping, or if you can’t drink water with filtration. I mention these many times on here to have around. (The personal straw is sold ou but they still have a larger gravity bag available)

Kid Items

Things around the Home

Of course with being a homeschooler and business owner there are a few things we just have to have around the home and some of these rarely go on sale so get them now while on sale. I have the classic Fellows stapler but there are a few other options here. The Precision Blade Scissors are also my favorite for crafting as nothing sticks to them. The other item I love is the desktop tape dispenser and miss it while we are in this smaller location before we buy again. Check out all scotch brand items on sale here. The Forero makes your face feel so clean, its washable and waterproof. Pure and Simple Coppertone Sunscreen Bundle with spray and face stick.

I love pens they are just a favorite of mine, having different styles and types for different things so if your needing new pens check out the sales today. These erasable pens are my favorite for planners and things, do not use them on checks. My other favorite pen is a Paper Mate Flair, I also love a good Shapie. Like I said I have a love for pens and if you like Gels these are the best INKJOY.

If you are a REACH, Listerine, or Sensodyne check out these sales. Seventh Generational Laundry Soap Packs make these less than a quarter a load. Don’t forget the coupon too to make it even cheaper to do laundry. Dawn Orignal is my favorite soap and love the new no flip no mess tops.

These are some items I have been looking at is Sauna Blanket for detoxification. At the lake we loved having a bug zapper check out this one its a best seller.

Seventh Generational Items

Kasa is one way we control our home when we are gone but it also makes life easier with those hard-to-reach plugs. You could even break this pack up and give one in each of the stockings like my parents did last year. Swedish Dishclothes are ecofriendly Paper Towels.

Book Prime Deals


So these items I haven’t been able to purchase but have seen in action and are on my personal wish list so they might be on yours too. Check out the Roomba vaccuums and Braava Mop on deals today.

Kitchen Aid Shave Ice Attachment allows you to make snow cones at home. What a fun way to surprise the kids this summer and for years to come as an attachment to your kitchen aid. Also, this Kitchen Aid Sifter and Scale is awesome if you make your own bread or baking needs to be more accurate.

Prime Day Games Deals

Some of our favorite nights are game and movie nights. Ticket to Ride is a must in our house and this is the First Journey that is a quicker play and easier for kids 6 and up. Don’t forget the Original Ticket to Ride though if you have older kids. Rummikub is a game you can’t help but learn around here as grandpa has taught us all. We all even got them for Christmas. Helps with patterns and numbers while learning to play. Some Ticket to Ride expansion packs on sale.

Haven’t had the change but many love this Throw Throw Burrito for 2-6 players.

Love Clue? This way you get to be wizards instead of people in the game. Pixar Monopoly Game Board Amazon Exclusive. Disney 5 Second Disney Edition is for ages 6 and up for 3-6 players. Guess who is a fun game to increase brain power, this edition is all about the pricnesses.


Most of these games are 30% or more off which is good for board games. As always with Amazon check the price yourself as they are always changing.

This tent so reminds me of the one in Last Holiday with the three muskteers. At over 50% off had to share this unique space that would make someones birthday or holiday.

Check out this post for school and college kids on Prime Deals and this one for babies.

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