Blackhawk Park

Fountain at Blackhawk
by Breanne

May 10, 2021

Blackhawk Park is located in Spring Hill, KS. This park was hard for me to locate because Apple Maps took me to an intersection that didn’t seem to be near the park. I drove around a little bit and located it. There is a small little parking lot located behind the Price Chopper off of Harrison and Franklin. This is definitely more of a community park or great for a layover. 

location of park

Blackhawk Park Walking Trail

There is a walking trail that goes around a detention pond which also leads to the playground. It also leads to Victory Road. There are a few benches around the lake and a picnic table near-ish the parking lot.

fountain in pond


The playground features two swings, one traditional swing and one for infants. It features one slide, stairs, the swirling fireman pole on the playground itself. There is also a tube to climb through. Near the playground is a grill and picnic table. 

playground in Spring Hill


This park would be great if you’re wanting to walk your dog or just wanting new scenery and live in Spring Hill as this is a park with no restrooms. This is why I say this is more of a community park.  

Round up of Spring Hill Parks or just locally.

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