Cornerstone Park

shelter at cornerstone park
by Breanne

July 12, 2021

Cornerstone Park is located in Gardner, Kansas off off Center Street. This park has many community features that make it a great park for anyone to visit on this just over 4 acres park.

railroad bell on display at cornerstone Gardner

Park Features

Cornerstone Park doesn’t just have a playground it also features a parking lot and restrooms seasonally. There is also three shelters with picnic tables. There is an amphitheater used for city events and a walking trail. There is also a Santa Fe Railroad Bell on display.

twisty slide and lillypad poles playgrounds

Cornerstone Park Playground Features

slide playground stairs

The playground makes me think of a rocket ship with the more round design. There are several slides and climbing features at this playground. There are steps to get to the first platform that has a small straight slide. There is also walking like steps to get up there and rock ladder with chain rope. There is a tic tac toe game and fireman pole too. There is also traditional ladder to climb, lillypad pole, balance beam to play on. There is also a straight longer slide and a twisty slide. There is also a thing to hang and pull down on and speakers to speak thru. This park doesn’t have much green space if you are wanting to kick a ball around or throw a football, but it does have a nice playground, seating, trees, and restrooms to enjoy the area with friends for a few hours.

playground at cornerstone park

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