Create an Awesome Summer Reading Challenge

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by Breanne

April 3, 2022

Summer is fun and exciting, but it’s often left with questions of how much freedom and structure to give children, especially tweens and teens. This summer is the perfect time for reading!

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Summer reading is a great way to keep engaged and entertained during the summer. It’s also a great way to learn how to read and enjoy books, even try different genres. The idea behind summer reading is that they read for pleasure from a book list of their choosing.

Little boy and the book

One of the best ways to get your child excited about reading is to make it a game. So, I created this Summer Reading BINGO game! This game can be played against siblings, friends, at home, or even in summer school. The biggest goal is getting them more interested in reading and having a love for it.

Time for a little personal story

Elizabeth, Braden, I have even done the Summer Reading BINGO challenge together. What a great way to help not only with reading but communication! It helps show them that their parents read and enjoy it too. And then, you can also have discussions about the books everyone is reading.

You can start wherever you can afford, to start we tend to go to the library or Barnes and Noble to pick out their first book. This gives them ideas of other books. You can turn it into a day of parent and tween time which is precious as they get older.

Studies have shown that reading improves their vocabulary, reading skills, empathy, and understanding of others. All of these skills are important in today’s world.

boy and father reading on the couch

Other Ideas to Enhance the READING BINGO CHALLENGE

One idea to help span their horizons is to give them categories for the BINGO challenge. Books that need to be read from genres such as fantasy, books set in another time period or country, a books with a color / number in the title. They still get to pick the story they read but it explore the little world they have been in.

Have a creative tween or teen? This summer you can also challenge them to make their own book. It could be anything from imaginary, something about their life, or something they are passionate about and want to write about.

multiple children reading on the floor between shelves

Reading is so important not only for our children, but for our tweens and teenagers. This is when exploring new books and categories is important to keep them interested in reading for life. So, use this Summer Reading BINGO challenge to keep them engaged over the next month.

Grab some book ideas over on this post for different ages!

Reading BINGO is a good way to challenge yourself to see if you can get through the board by summer. Or, gather up some friends or siblings to play around. Lastly, another idea is to have the challenge be against you, mom, and/or dad. One way to also encourage children is when they see you doing the same thing too.

Bingo printable becomes with reward tickets and other ideas to create your own bingo board if you don’t want to use one of the done-for-you ones.

Have some fun this summer and challenge your kids…and yourselves…to read more and get involved with each other!

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