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Dole Instituie Sign
by Breanne

October 5, 2016


This past Friday we did a field trip adventure to the Dole Institute in Lawerence. They were so awesome to work with, after talking with them awhile we decided the best way for this field trip was an open house style for homeschooler with things for all ages. I loved having something for every grade. I can’t wait to work with them again next year.  Turn out was a little low since so many didn’t know what to expect hoping next year is even better.

When you first walked in you could get a bingo board with pictures for those who couldn’t read yet, a scavenger hunt for those a little older, and then a crossword puzzle that was even more challenging. I loved these because we got to learn little tidbits as we were looking for clues and hunting them down. I even got to learn stuff since I didn’t grow up here, I didn’t know Bob Dole was a Senator before this field trip.

sunglass window at Dole


Next, my kids worked on a giant American Flag puzzle. This took a little work as its large and the colors aren’t very different. They loved doing it. With older kids and groups they would ask them trivia questions to earn the puzzle piece which was really a neat idea.

They also had a few other tables set up one was a Flag craft which my kids and others loved. It was using colored straws to make the American Flag on an index card. They are really cool after they dry. Here is Train-boy and Princess working hard to get the glue to come out so they can start on the craft. There were also another table set up to learn more about Leader and color some pictures of him. Apparently I forgot to take picture of that area. My kids had fun learning about Leader, do you know who Leader is?

They also had a tour of the achieves that houses thousands of documents, objects, pins, and more. This was fun to see all the things they have down there. It’s also a but chilly. They had a room for middle and high school students which my kids aren’t old enough for, but it looked like fun. They looked at archival documents and working papers to learned how they are researched and analysis. All in all it was a great adventure to Lawerence to learn more about a past Senator. My kids really enjoyed the field trip and said they would like to go back and try the scavenger hunt next time instead of Bingo. Can’t wait for next year.

kids on floor working together on puzzle

Note to Teachers/Homeschoolers: Dole Institute of Politics had lots of resources:

Including and not limited to:

Field Trips. Outreach Workshops. Lesson Plans. Public Program Video Archive. Teaching Toolboxes. History Day Support.

Contact Julie Bergene. For more Info.

They also have 26 documents online for older kids and teachers to use in researching and other uses.

They include Animal Rights, ADA, Senator Bob Dole, Civil Rights, Clean Air Act, Equal Rights Amendment, President George HW Bush, Senator George McGovern, Food Stamps, WIC, Senator Nancy Kassebaum Baker, School Lunches, Social Security Reform, Title IX, The Bosnia War, China, Cuba, Food For Peace, NAFTA, Panama Canal, Persian Gulf War, Solidarity in Poland, Soviet Disarmament, Space, Vietnam War, World War II.

Click here for more info.

Dole Institute of Politics is located at 2350 Petefish Dr, Lawrence, KS. Hours as of 10/16. M-S 9-5 and Sun noon – 5p. Programs free of charge.


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