September Field Trips Adventures

by Breanne

October 3, 2016

We had a few field trips this months. Nelson Art Museum always has a fall homeschool day and my kids love attending. The theme was Stem to STEAM. They talked about light picture, pendulum pictures, pictures made from natural food for coloring, and using tempura paint with egg yoke. I loved how they had it set up this time we could visit as few or as many stations as we could and they got to do a little more at each station. #NAMAHomeschool

We also love the American Royal Program and Youth Rodeo that they put on every year in September. This year was extra cool because we know some people who got to be in the youth rodeo. Here is train-boy and princess all ready for the day.

We got to see tractors and even sit inside. They also petted many animals chickens, lamas, horses, and they also got to learn about dirt and the different levels. They also learned how cows are milked. I loved seeing the youth rodeo and all the kids.

See you for our adventures in October.

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