Happy Valley Farm Apple Cider Making

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by Breanne

September 14, 2016

Happy Valley Farm. Farmer Patti was a wonderful host and showed us how to make apple cider on their apple cider mills. This past weekend I learned of a nearby farm that lets you make your own fresh pressed apple cider. No, one I knew had heard about it and I just knew we had to try this adventure and find out all about it and see if we like homemade apple cider.

This little farm is off K-7 and Kill Creek Parkway on 95th Street, you aren’t there til you go down the steep hill and its at the bottom. (about when you think your lost, its a little further) 🙂

First she told us a little about her farm and the mill process and that everything is clean and thats why we wash our hands to so that it stays clean. This is their second year doing apple cider they are mainly a pick your own berry farm.

Making Apple Cider


Labeling our Apple Cider so we knew what type of apples and the date for how long it would be good. Braden is getting our label on the gallon for us and Elizabeth is getting the jug all ready to catch the juice.


We all took turns throwing apples in the grinder and turning the wheel. We all helped with the press also. This is totally hands on making of apple cider. We also got to try it out on the farm. So cool trying your own cider.

​kids looking at juice coming out of the cider mill

When we finished the apple cider we got to pour it into our gallon, cap it off, and its now ready to go. Can’t wait to take home all this fresh yumminess.


We also got to go see a mini pony, three donkeys, a rooster name Tuxedo, and a bunny. My kids found the animals adorable and cute. There is a mommy, daddy, and baby donkey can you figure out who is who.

A great day at the Farm and I so happy to add this new tradition to our fall line up. So call Farmer Patti at Happy Valley Farm to set up your own appointment to make Apple Cider. 913-706-0370. 29080 w. 95th St, DeSoto, KS 66018

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