August Field Trips

by Breanne

September 1, 2016

We had a few field tips this month.

Johnson County Museum: City Planning

This was an awesome field trip I loved that they talked about maps and how you have to look at were rivers and lakes our before planning on where you are going to lay out your roads and put hospitals, buildings, trees, etc. They showed them a few things on how Johnson Country started and then took them to the classroom where they got into groups and had to make there own city where they had to name their town, create some rules, then they had to vote and see if the population changed to go to a new city. My kids very much enjoy this and can’t wait to see what will happen with the new museum.


Mission Police Department

We visited the police department at Mission. We saw the concrete beds of holding sells, where they put evidence from a suspect, got to see all of the items a police officer carries, and hear the loud sirens from the cars. The plastic seats and doors in a police car. We also got to see squad room. It was an interesting visit and so happy we have Mission officers to keep us safe.

Thank you officers for showing us around.

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