Elementary Homeschool Curriculum

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by Breanne

August 8, 2020

Looking for the best elementary homeschool curriculum?

As we enter the new school year, you might be looking for some elementary homeschool curriculum. I wanted to share some of our favorites with you today.

Disclaimer – There might be links in this post that we make money on with no extra charge to you. All opinions and thoughts are our own.


One of our favorites is Road Trip USA from Confessions of a Homeschooler. This was great for teaching the kids geography. It involves all different types of learning from hands on to worksheets to reading books. You create a binder for each of your worksheets, postcards, and state fact sheets. Personally, one of my kids’ favorites was the game at the end of each section. We also love the song Tour the States by Renald Francoeur.


Road Trip USA history curriculum for homeschool

Language Arts

Phonics is Explode the Code. We love the simple, easy to understand approach. The building on each level, every few there is a review and then the half books to help reinforce the concepts.

Our reading favorite is All About Reading. Teaching my kids to read was one of the scariest for me, like any parent I didn’t want to fail them. All About Reading spells out exactly what to do and gives you all the tools in the teacher’s manual. The student book has flip cards, cut and paste, and other fun worksheets. There are also pages with words, phrases, and sentences to help them to keep using the new skill. It also has readers so they can feel accomplished with fully reading a story. The program has tiles so your child can build words. I think this was one of the winners that my kids loved and kept the idea concreted in there head. Don’t worry if tiles aren’t your thing or can’t work in your house, they have an app to which we have used during travel or other times.


All About Reading Homeschool Curriculum


The last of our language for elementary is All About Spelling. This is made by the same company as our reading curriculum. They don’t just learn words and how to spell, they learn the rules and other ways to decode each type. I love that they aren’t just memorizing words, but also learning how to break them down to understand better. This program also has tiles to help visual and reinforce. ┬áIf you are worried about keeping track of the titles or are a family on the go all the time, don’t worry. There is an app that works just as easily.


I’ll be honest, we never found a great fit for history. My kids learned more from us reading all the Who was, What was, Where is books than the actual history curriculum. They are also telling others facts about something they learned in these books. It’s a great series.


We used Horizons for kindergarten math. They liked how colorful it was but didn’t like the learning style which is spiral. In first grade, we switched to Math Mammoth. It is a strong math program so if your child is not math inclined, this might be too much. It is a mastery program with a cumulative review after each chapter that is included. I also love that if you buy the digital to print out you can make your own worksheets if there is an area where your kid is struggling.


math mammoth homeschool math


Our favorite year was the year we did Magic School Bus. We read the books, watched the movie, and then did science experiments from the kits they sold. We also read a lot of science books. Lifepac is more textbook style, we did this as well.

What elementary homeschool curriculum are you going to choose?

There are a lot of choices out there and they are several good ones. But these were our favorites and ones I would do again with another early elementary child.

Have a favorite that you want to share with another mom looking, let us know below.


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