Etsy Favorites for Crafters

by Breanne

April 18, 2021

I love Etsy! Because you can find anything creative and different. I love things that are little different or that you can’t just find anywhere. And really, I think that’s why I love crafting. Even if you are remaking the same thing, it’s never exactly the same. Likewise, they can each have their own personalities. Today, I wanted to share some Etsy favorites with my main categories of shopping on the site. With this in mind, Etsy has a great collection of sublimation designs, SVG designs, Embroidery and Appliqué Designs, things for American Girl, and home decor like bedrooms and bathrooms. As you can tell, most of these are to design your own items which is crafty which fits here.

**Disclaimer – If you purchase through our links or photos we might make a small amount of money at no additional cost to you.


Embroidery and Applique Designs

Appliqué and embroidery designs work great on Brother Machines among others. Because of this, you will see other blog posts with how I use these designs in projects around my house. Some of my favorite shops are UDO Appliqué, Hoop Mama Embroidery, Bows and Clothes Design, OMA Digitizing, Thanks 4 the Adventure, and Sewing for Sarah. UDO Appliqué, OMA Digitizing, Thanks 4 the Adventure, and Bows and Clothes have magical inspired designs. Hoop Mama has some amazing quotes and fun sayings for all seasons. Sewing for Sarah has many in the hoop projects even for American Girl helping me combine to of our favorites in this house. Made a list of some of my favorite designs for you to get started creating today.











Sublimation Designs

Favorite sublimation designs also work for print and cut HTV. Jamming Arts, Melikhova Art, and IL Watercolor have been ones I have personally use and have shown on my social channels. Want to see more Etsy Favorites? Check out my favorite list where I collected my favorites for you!






SVG Designs

Some of my favorite Shops for SVGs are Ohana Media & Design.   These work for many digital cutting machines and machines like GlowForge to cut with wood and other material. Need more? Check them out here on Etsy. So, I have some of my favorites listed to make it easier for you to start crafting today.












After crafting with SVG, Sublimation Designs, Embroidery and Appliqué Design using papers and crafts and different machines. And check out the Etsy favorite list to see all the designs I have collected. It will make it easier for you to shop and check out faster so you can get on designing.

Crafting for American Girl

After all this crafting, I also love doing American Girl crafts! Using helpful items on Etsy makes it possible for me to create items for my daughter for American Girl dolls. Creating items with sewing and printable to make the correct size items. Here are some of my favorite from Sewing For Sarah and a Stitch For You.  And I am also including some from Stacy Morgan Studios as they are my absolute favorite food and drinks for our dolls. Get a few so you can start creating for gifts or your own collection.













Check out Etsy today so you can find some of your Etsy Favorites to start creating today! And take a look at some of my other crafty blogs as well!

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