Forky Apron Costume

white fabric, pins, scissors, and ruler
by Breanne

August 17, 2019

Toy Story 4 had come out and my boy wanted to be Forky. Wanting something a little different and not wanting to spend money that year, I decided I would make his costume. I wanted it to be something he could reuse so what is more versatile than an apron? You can cook, do art, or do whatever projects you want to do and protect your clothes. So out came Forky Apron!

boy wearing Forky Apron

Making the Forky Apron

As this was my first-time free handing a project, I’ll try to write this all out so you can do it too!

First start with taping several pieces of paper together. Using an apron you already own, lay it on your paper to trace the arm curves. The next thing was knowing I need a 4 pieces of the spfork for the top. I just free handed making my triangles. On mine, the outside is 2″ at the bottom and 1.75″ up at the 1.5 mark. The inside points are 6.25″ across with the upper area about 2″. You can make a mark at the bottom and then again 1.5″ up to be able to draw the angled line.

paper and yard stick

The location under the points is 6″ wide then done right before the curve is 7.5″, then at the end of the arm is 10.5″ wide. Now, depending on the size of the kid you are making this for will make your numbers different. Using a black piece of fabric I made a tube and then attached it to the top points inside the fabric sandwich

. Double sided apron

Take your back piece of fabric and pin in to the top piece and sew all the way around the apron on the outside.

As Forky arms are a red pipe cleaner using red fabric, create a tube with red fabric that will go across the apron and be long enough for ties. Sew the red across the apron top and bottom stitch. Now you have an apron.

turning red fabric inside out

Using Silhouette Studio I created eyes, mouth, and eyebrow. Cut them out using Siser HTV and applied with an iron. Using my ipad to see if the image would look in portions.

drawing face of forky

Have fun making Forky!



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