21 Craft Ideas for Tweens

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May 5, 2022

Craft Ideas for tweens are very popular for birthdays and holidays. They also work great for summer days when it’s too hot or rainy outside. Here are 21 craft ideas to help you find the perfect one to start next!

**Disclaimer – Some of the links are affiliate links which means I might get paid a small amount. But no worries, it won’t cost you anything extra.

Create a wind chime with this kit to hang on a tree and make it your own.

This is a fun to make terrarium scene that glows in the dark and you can put it on a dresser.

Cute little garden to make, paint, and grow all summer long.

Reuseable all summer and year-long to create colorful creations.

Educational fun craft that you can use after you create your bouncy ball.

Unique Magic Set that is neat to do by yourself and in the summer with many different tricks.

Magnetic Colorful Sticks to build with when you want something different than Lego.

You can make a bouquet for your family or to give a gift of kindness and gift flowers to someone.

Sparkly star and heart light up string art to decorate your room.

Grow your own unique garden and the box to put it in .

Everything in a kit to make bath bombs to use later this year.

Clay Bowls that you can use to hold little things in your room.

Jewelry making kit that is wonderful for making presents for you and friends.

Easy to learn weaving kit to keep your hands busy to make potholders or rugs for your dolls.

Easy to paint sun catcher to level up your window.

Not just a normal rock painting kit, this one glows in the dark! Exciting to create for your gardener or to hide.

Experiment with colors to make some playful dinosaur soap.

Build six different animals to use on your keys or backpack using beads and string.

Super exciting to make your own creations big and small with these brightly colored beads.

Vivid sand art to make six different bottles to make different patterns.

Three types of string art to decorate your room with these for a unique flair and keep you busy for a while.

With this many craft ideas for tweens, you are sure to find one your kids would love to do next! Click on any of the pictures to purchase your next favorite one. We would love to see your kids working on their next project so tag us on social! Looking for some great summer time toys? Check out my recommendations!

21 Unique Craft Ideas for Tweens Paint on wood and Crayons on burlap Pinterest Pin

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