Exciting Summertime Toys

Pool with summer flamingo float

May 5, 2022

You will love these summertime toys I found! They are great for kids like you and me around the ages 10-13. Summer is the best time of year to play outside and with water toys. These toys are great to be active, outdoors, and enjoying the sunshine. (My mom says Don’t forget sunscreen!)

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Most of these toys are easy to find on Amazon. As always, the price can change. You can always use prime for free shipping. Grab a free trial here.

Make riding your bike not only fun, but safer with these lights for your wheels. You will be the hit of the neighborhood!

Fun for mom, dad, and kids, just don’t aim for the face.

Grab the Nerf, or many other styles.

Funs for girls and boys and the wheel lights up as it goes around your foot. Remember to jump.

Hang it on a tree and start being a monkey! Have your own races.

Play catch with this awesome catchy thingy thing thing.

We have had one of these giant swings and it’s fun to spin on, swing, and to push my mommy higher than she wants to go.

Catch lizards to examine them but don’t forget to let them go back to their home.

Fun to throw around the pool, beach, or the yard. Play with everyone even grandma and grandpa in a triangle.

Play unique catch with this water lacrosse. Beach, outdoor, and pool, play everywhere!

You’ll have fun with this like we do, just don’t throw it at anybody because it hurts and it is heavy. It is really neat how it dribbles and bounces underwater.

Round and round like your pet hamster or you can pretend you’re the hamster!

Easier than filling water balloons and better than having to pick up all the little pieces. Use them again all summer.

Fun indoors and outdoors, but make sure it’s not too windy. I love throwing them off the deck.

Not just any bubble maker, but a huge bubble maker. Many pieces so you can do it with friends.

Fun for parties, comes with four paddles to toss the ball differently.

Swim through the rings, and create different games all summer in the pool.

Fun to get wet, another way to use the trampoline in the summer to cool down.

Easy to play, light up, and toss underhanded so anyone can play. Play when lightning bugs come out.

Stop worrying about finding a flat rock, use those that float, and play a game to see who throws it the fastest.

Really fun to glide in water, and to pass back and forth. Also used for diving.

Race each other on the slide to see who can get to the bottom first. Even long enough for Mom and Dad to go down too.

Have a safe and awesome summer!

Together these summertime toys are great. You can play with your kids, other friends, at the beach and pool or in a yard to have lots of fun this summer. Have a great summer, let me know which one your most excited to try! Looking for some awesome craft ideas? Check out my recommendations!

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