Best Unique Gifts for Guys

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by Breanne

June 8, 2022

In June we think a lot about needing a unique guy gifts for our dads, husbands, and other dad-like-figure. There are many other times a year we need gifts for the guys in our life, like birthdays, anniversary, Christmas, Hanukkah, Just Because, etc.

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Consider this when buying for the men in your life!

When you’re buying a gift for your loved ones, we all overthink it because we want to buy something unique, meaningful, useful, and thoughtful. Buying a gift is one of the more difficult things to do. There are many things to consider when purchasing gifts, especially for men.

Things to consider for the guys and men in our lives is the recipient’s personality. It is important to know what type of person you are buying a gift for so that you can find something that they will like. For example, don’t be buying a six-pack of beer for a non-alcohol drinker.

Another thing to consider is their hobbies and interest. This helps to send you a direction when you think of a specific hobby. Do they like fishing? Hunting? Or, are they maybe a gaming type of guy?

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3 Ways to Surprise Him With Something He’ll Really Appreciate

Surprise your man with something he’ll appreciate by doing something he loves. If he loves cooking, find a local cooking class to attend together. If he loves fishing, pack a lunch and take him fishing for the day at the local parks.

Another way to surprise him is to do something he’s been wanting to do but never got around to doing. Has he always wanted to go fly in a small airplane or jump out of it, or maybe he’s more of the indoor skydiving type (if you have one of those near you).

The last thing is to give him a gift to show how much you love him. You can give him his favorite book or Blu Ray so he can watch it anytime. You could do something that’s personalized.

When trying to surprise him, the best is thinking outside the box ideas including thinking ahead with personalized items. You can always make a gift certificate or coupon to give him to wrap up if you’re wanting something to wrap to include in the day. When you combine thinking of their personalities, hobbies, and interest it makes it a winning combination for a unique guy gift!

Some Unique Guy Gifts

These are unique and unusual gifts that you can get for your boyfriend, husband, brother, father, and any other guys in your life. Using Etsy because I believe it is more unique and can be personalized more, and more personality is available there.

paint brushes with canvas with cat fish KANSAS, a unique gift of state art

Wooden Pencil Co makes unique state art and vintage maps for your loved ones.

DIY BBQ Sauce Making Kit is great for those men who love to grill or smoke.

Make Your Own BBQ Sauce, shows glass jars, oil, vinegar, piles of spices unique gift bundle

Personalized Engraved Folding Pocket Knife is great for outdoor dads or those who always like to be prepared.

Men who are handy would love this personalized Hammer with any unique message.

wood background with hammers that are engraved
person with a hand on a glass of beer with another two glasses of personalized beer glass unique gift

King of the Grill BBQ Platter is personalizable but great for serving his homemade Smoking or Grilling Creations.

Personalized Beer Glasses are great for those who love a special glass for drinking. This one is a great frosted unique glass that combines travel and beer.

wood grass gauge with two different styles.

Have a guy in your life is who obsessive over the grass, get him this funny grass gauage joke gauge.

Have a dad who likes telling Dad Jokes grab this emergency container for him filled will more jokes to keep him laughing and you groaning.

FATHOR personalized unique superhero t-shirt

Funny Shirts are another fun and unique gift for your man, here are a few options, I’m Not Procrastingating I’m Doing Side Quest for the Nerd and Geeky Crowd ; D&D Themed Shirts being a natural dad ; American Flag using car parts great for the Car Lovers and Mechanics ; I keep all my dad jokes in a dad-a-base is great silly shirt for dads. Geeky Father is another great shirt idea.

Personalized Engraved Wallet with Kid Drawing is great for a dad to smile when taking out their wallet.

Dad and Grandfathers into Star Wars will love his unique lightsaber gifts with child/grandchildren names.

I AM THEIR FATHER, with Star Wars lightsabers with names name out of wood.

Is your guy into playing the guitar? Then these custom wood guitar picks are perfect for him.

Into Golfing? Then these personalized Golf Tees with Best DAD Ever are for you.

personalized customized wood guitar picks

If these don’t seem to fit, try this search. It includes everything from things with resin to rubs, custom bobbleheads, whisky making kits, beard brushes, funny belly button gag brush, and so much more! You are bound to find something that will fit your guys personalizity and interest.

Finding the Perfect Unique Guy Gifts Idea

The perfect gift for him can be hard to find, but not if you know what he wants or use your dective skills. A man’s idea of a perfect gift is usually different than a woman’s. Men are often more practical and have less emotional attachment to their gifts. So it’s important to use the skills above to help you figure out what to gift the wonderful men in your life, thinking about personality, interest, hobbies.

Looking for other gift ideas check out this one for tweens gift ideas – written by a tween, need some fun summer toys, or Disney Summer Fun check out these too.

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