Complete Guide to Raffle Basket Building

3 Stylish raffle boxes sets on grey wooden table
by Breanne

June 8, 2022

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Once when I was in high school, our youth group was helping the church with the raffle basket, they explained the idea to me and I was hooked at not just buying and putting together baskets, but also on entering to win. That year I created a baby basket.

How to Make the Perfect Raffle Basket

When you are making a raffle basket, there are a few things to think about. You must think about the event the basket is for, the type of people who will be bidding on such items, and how desirable the items will be.

When you think about what people will be interested in and your items add value and desire it makes it an easier choice to bid or buy a raffle ticket for your basket.

You also want to make sure you don’t include items that are too expensive if it’s not that type of event.

You also need to consider who is bidding on the basket. Is it a family or school event? Might not be smart to include alcohol if the winner could be under legal drinking age for your country.

Choosing the container for the raffle is just as important as the items you include as presentation is everything.

These baskets are also great for wedding gifts, birthdays, showers, anniversary to give to your loved one.

metal bucket, wine, and streamers sitting on table

What Should You Include in Your Raffle Baskets?

A raffle basket is typically a mix of items in a container. And anymore, it doesn’t have to be an actual basket. The more successful raffle baskets are themed. You need to think about your event about what themes would go over well.

You can choose any theme that would work well for your event. Anything from a baskets to keep kids entertained in this summer, Christmas, Movies and Popcorn, baby, any type of food. You can see these examples below of items to put in a themed basket and the basket.

Family Movie and Popcorn Raffle Basket

One of my favorites for family events is the movie and popcorn themed raffle basket.

When you create this basket, you can go about it a few ways. Include a classic movie, do a gift card for somewhere like RedBox, (I use to do Blockbuster, might be showing my age there!), or even a gift card for the theaters near you. Then you can do popcorn, sodas, box candy, even a blanket is a nice touch. You could do fun flavored popcorn too to change it up or gift card for pizza.

To put all your goodies in a container, you could choose something like a giant bowl to serve the popcorn in, you can get a fun, large popcorn movie theater looking popcorn.

Delightful Bliss Popcorn Bowl-Retro Family-Size Popcorn Bucket Tub For Party & Movie Night Snacks-Non Chip, Shatterproof, Enamel Coated Stainless Steel Serving Container - 80oz Capacity, 5x9.5

Tablecraft Coca-Cola Popcorn/Snack Bucket"Pause & Refresh" (CC400), Red

This classic retro design is fun for the whole family, if your looking for something more individual then these retro red white stripe containers work, want something a little more modern then these work, this stainless steel is also a good family option.

Relaxing Theme Spa Basket

Want a basket more geared towards women? Then a spa basket is a good place to start. You could include wine, scented candles, bubble bath, bath lotion, shower gel, bath bomb or bath salts, face masks, or feet peel. You could also include nail polish, lip balm, lip scrub, a loofah or wash cloth. And a blanket for after the bath. You could also include a Kindle gift card so they can watch a movie or read a book. A nice wire basket would be a good container to display your lovely items in.

Foodie Themes Like Italian Raffle Basket

18/8 Stainless Steel Colander, Easy Grip Micro-Perforated 5-Quart Colander, Strainer with Riveted and Heat Resistant Handles, BPA Free. Great for Pasta, Noodles, Vegetables and Fruits

Another theme you can choose would be foodie. You can go so many routes with this and do several of your favorite foods from all over, or you can choose a favorite type of food such as Italian or Mexican. Know there are many families with sensitive food issues, a gluten free basket would be fun too.

When choosing something like Italian, I have seen a pot be the basket, talk about cute! You can include an apron, noodles, sauce, garlic spread or oil dipping sauce. A nice loaf of bread,(or mix to make bread) and wine work well too, if you can with the event. Pasta Spoon, Olive Oil, Balsamic Vinegar, and Italian seasoning are all items that would complete this basket.

Kids Summer Fun Basket

Depending on the time of year a perfect basket for a family event can keep the kids occupied this summer. A basket of this style can be some kind of large outside bucket. You can include things like bubbles, chalk, outdoor citronella candles, water guns, kites, frisbees, waffle ball, sunscreen, bug spray, glow in the dark bracelets, beach balls, insect catching nets, jump rope, sunglasses, and water balloons. For rainy days, include games like Go Fish, Old Maid, a deck of cards, Uno, coloring books, activity books like the one I sell here for older kids and this summer set for younger kids.

Creating a Baby Raffle Basket

Headed to a church or school raffle? Or maybe a baby shower? Putting together a baby basket is a lot of fun. You can include things like diapers and wipes, a baby bottle, pacifier, laundry soap, bottle brush, small toy or lovey, teether, an outfit, bath toys or baby soap or lotion. I seriously could write a blog post just about items for a baby basket. 🙈

What to wrap your baby basket all up in, a laundry basket works, or toy basket, or simple basket for the babies room.

OrganiHaus Woven Baskets for Storage 20x13 | Modern Boho Laundry Basket | Cotton Rope Blanket Basket for Living Room | Extra Large Storage Basket for Kids | Laundry Hamper & Blanket Holder - Honey

This rope style is seriously in right now and they hold a lot of toys or other items. This one is cute too if you want to match a room square basket if its for a shower.

Other Exciting Raffle Basket Ideas

S’mores would be another fun basket to create with graham crackers, marshmallows, and chocolate squares.

Other type of baskets include BBQ where you could include sauce, spices, tools for the grill.

Game Baskets with UNO, Farkle, Bunko, Board Game like Ticket to Ride, Popcorn, snack food, candy, and drinks.

Art Baskets for kids are fun to do also. You can include paint, chalk, crayons, markers, colored pencils, paint brushes, white paper, notebook, those dollar store canvas, coloring books and model magic clay.

A few other types would be a pet basket or you could choose dog or cat, coffee basket, hot cocoa basket, ice cream sundae basket, stay-cation basket, date night, baking, beach, camping, and gardening.

If you can think of a few items some medium to low cost to add to a basket them you got yourself a winning idea.

Some smaller higher ticket raffle baskets could be pair of sporting tickets, museum or attraction tickets, or a membership to your local zoo. If the event is for adults a wine, or craft liquor works well too.

Raffle Baskets sitting on table

Finishing Off the Raffle Basket

Raffle and Gift Baskets are really similar. They all need a larger item to put all the smaller items in, a theme, then to finish it off you need to wrap it up some way and display it nicely for all to see what they are entering to win.

Some fun items to use as baskets are bowls, coolers, camp chair, laundry basket, rope basket, wire basket, strainer, bucket, or even a fire pit.

You can use tissue paper or crinkle paper as a filler. To make it look all nice, you need things at different heights. So, like a jigsaw puzzle it may take a few turns of moving things around and upside down or sideways to get it to look complete. At times adding a small item under the tissue paper to raise an item is beneficial and getting the items to look complete and beautiful for your raffle.

Overall, there is no one way to make a raffle basket. Get started building yours today with my raffle basket ideas above. Get creative with your basket designs, remember to make it look fun and exciting. A great presentation is sure to get more people signing up to win it!

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