Geeky Baby Gifts Ideas

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by Breanne

April 3, 2022

If I am not hand-making a shower gift for the baby, I love to find unique ones that fit the personality of the parents to be. One area is geeky, we have several in our family whom this falls under. And, I love how many more options we have with the internet to find such gifts!

I am going to break this down into categories of books, teethers, and clothing. So, take a look at your geeky friends’ baby shower.

*Disclaimer – We might make a small amount of money from affiliate links in the post, but at no additional cost to you.

Geeky Baby Shower Books

Since so many showers now ask for books, here are a few that are in the geeky, superhero, STEM realm.

This series of books is ABC for Space, Mathematics, Physics, and Science. Nice Book Set to geek out reading.

Also has Astrophysics for Babies

Quantum Physics for Babies

Star Wars Colors Board Book, gets them introduced early to this galaxy far, far away.

Also available Star Wars ABC

Star Wars 123

Have a Star Wars Fan. This series has some awesome books including, Darth Vader and Son, Vader’s Little Princess, Goodnight Darth Vader, and more. Great for any parent who loves Star Wars.

Is Mom or Dad a D&D Gaming Fan? Check out these books of ABC and 123 made as a board book for all babies.

This STEM book is one of fun many of this series, This one Engineering, Biology, Economics, Mathematics, and Science. Any style of Geeky this series has you covered.

Night Night Groot. These Books are more for you to read at first instead of a board book for them to read. Fun illustrations to introduce them to these characters.

Clothes for Geeky Babies

Check out this cute little Layette Set with sleeper, bodysuit, and pants. Don’t forget the cute little hat.

DC Comics for Little Girls Bodysuits from Batwoman, Supergirl, and Wonderwoman. Nice set of 5 for any baby girl.

This Gaming Bodysuit is not only geeky but funny too. Great for any gaming baby. If your throwing the shower this would make a cute decoration too.

Star War Fans dress your baby up in these five cute bodysuits and be ready for any adventure!

Marvel Fans can have the same time of fun, with Hulk, Thor, Capitan America, wear them every day! They could even make a cute photoshoot.

Donkey Kong, Super Mario, and Mario one piece to show off your geekiness and gaming skills.

Toys and Chewies Gift Ideas

Looking for something a little more unique than a plain old rubber ducky? Let your geekiness go with some of these really cool gift ideas. Geeky nerdy baby toys and chewies that represent Mom and Dad’s likes are always a great thing to pass down to their children!

Silicone Teether Wonder Woman I purchased this it is nicely made from the company Bumkins. They also have Batman & Superman at the same link.

Not into the superhero but more the game system I am in love with this Game Boy it looks just like the original I used to play. Perfect for any gamer that grew up in the 90s. They also have a Nintendo Original Controler.

Fisher-Price Laugh and Learn are one of my top 3 inside toys, this is no exception, made to look like a game controller. Helps with ABCD, colors, and 1234. This toy is a lot of fun with learning and playing settings.

Made to look like the old-style Nintendo Gamer, this toy has lights, songs, sounds, and phrases including learning numbers and colors. Also comes in Pink.

Superhero Spiderman Toy is great soft plush makes noise when pulled. Great for car seats, diaper bags, and strollers.

Spiderman Lovely with red and blue makes a great plush for little ones.

Other Gifts for Baby Showers and Geeky Parents

Baby Milestone Blanket with your favorite Star Wars Characters.

Great way to keep track of your baby’s first year, lots of D&D references, and other gaming with levels instead of months. Cute way to record.

Marvel Milestone Blanket with your favorite Avengers characters. Great to do from birth to years. This one is adorable too.

Now a days, geek is the new sheik! If it has Mom and Dad at its heart, then the nerdier the better! There are so many things out there that speak to all walks of life. Put your geekiness to work and stretch your creative minds to find the perfect shower gift!

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