Hampton Park

playground at Hampton Park
by Breanne

June 17, 2021

Hampton Park is located on Warwick Street between 163rd and 164th Street. This is a nice five acre neighborhood park.

shelter at Olathe park

Hampton Park Features

shade benches at hampton

This park features a nice shelter with picnic tables, grill, electricity, lights, and water. There are also several pergolas with benches underneath. There is also a walking path and several concrete areas for littles to ride balance bikes and tricycles.

Smaller play area at Hampton Park Olathe

This playground features stairs and climbing cubes to the small wave slide. There is also a tunnel at this platform. To get to the other platform there is a spider web net, rope circle ladder, rock mountain, and lillypad sticks that let you reach the double curved slide. There are monkey bar rings in a circle to play on too.

slides monkey rings playground

There is no parking just street parking and no restrooms at this park. However, it is a nice little neighborhood park for kids to enjoy and play with.

Check out other parks in Olathe or explore parks in neighboring cities.


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