Home2Suites in Orlando, Florida

by Breanne

April 23, 2023

After a long day at Walt Disney World, it was nice to be able to find such a nice hotel only a few minutes from the park. We didn’t stay on property but it was a nice hotel that was super close. The Home2Suites in Orlando is definitely one we would recommend.

Whether it’s just an overnight stay or something more extended, there are many comforts here to be enjoyed.

The Room

The rooms at Home2Suites are pretty spacious and very clean. The room itself is very long as the beds and couch are on one wall and the desk, closet, dresser with TV, and kitchen area is on the other wall. There is a curtain that can close to separate the couch from the beds just in case you have someone who’s a night owl or is working while others are sleeping. It was nice to have a night stand on each bed as well as a separate end table between the two. This gives both sides of the bed ample charging stations and spots to set everything.

The TV had a nice little personal touch with the screen welcoming the person to the room (whoever the room is under has their name on the screen). The couch is of course a fold out which is nice for extra sleeping space. The floorplan of these rooms is an open area design. Aside from the bathroom, the rest of the room is open. The kitchen, closet, everything is out in the open with the closet having a curtain rather than a door.

It’s very nice to see more and more rooms with kitchens are using at least apartment size refrigerators rather than the small cube refrigerators. The extra space and separate freezer can really come in handy. The desk has a pull out table under the countertop to act as a desk/dining room table

The bathroom was super clean and had a shower with a sliding door rather than a bathtub shower combo. The mirror had a frosted framed light which was nice although I do wish it could have been operated apart from the overhead light but that seems to be the case with most rooms that have this feature.

The Hotel Grounds

This Home2Suites is a little different as it shares the grounds with its sister hotel next door. What makes this so cool is that both hotels can pool their resources (no pun intended) and make quite the awesome gathering space in between them.

There are numerous fire pit sitting areas with outdoor grilling areas, a hotel bar that serves drinks and Colombian food such as street tacos throughout the day. And the pool itself was one of the largest that I’ve seen outside of a resort pool. It also had a waterslide which the kids (and some adults) would love.

How Was Breakfast?

That’s usually one of the first questions most would ask after the room setup. The breakfast was great for a free hot breakfast. There was breakfast sandwiches and pre made cheese omelettes. The Mickey Mouse waffle stations were operated by the hotel staff who can make mini Mickey waffles as well as large Mickey waffles. The large size literally filled the plate with Mickey’s head it was so awesome!

The topping station had a couple different fruit choices as well as different sauces like chocolate and caramel to go along with the normal syrup. In addition, there was whip cream, chocolate chips and many other toppings.

In addition to the hot breakfast areas, there was also fruit, oatmeal, cereal, pastries, and yogurt. Very nice selection for a good breakfast before heading off to the parks!

This Home2Suites is a super nice hotel and definitely worth a stay no matter how long!

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