Paris Theme Bathroom

by Breanne

March 23, 2021

We are all missing travel so a way to add some of that spirit to your home is to change up a room or two, today I am bringing to you a Paris theme bathroom. Bathrooms don’t typically have a ton of room, but decor can add a lot to the room. If you have a shower and tub combo you also get the luck of having a shower curtain. Let’s get to it.

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Paris Theme Bath Curtains




One of the easiest things to change out is your shower curtain. This is a large area so take advantage of it if you have the luck of having a curtain. To hang up your curtain these are my absolute favorite. Its so easy to replace your clear liner when need or to wash your pretty curtain. Love the Eiffel Tower look of all these and how they are all so different.




Paris Theme Decoration




Love these series of photos to be able to really do a full wall. The hand drawn looking ones are just amazing.


Bath Towels




Bath towels are just so fun. I love decorating with towels and just decorating towels in general. They just add that touch of homey to your room.


Fun Bathroom Items


Just look at this cute lotion or soap dispenser. These shelves help add more storage to your bathroom area.

Trash cans

Great color for any room and many more available. Every bathroom needs a trash can.

These items are great for any bathroom and some would work for a bedroom. Etsy is harder sharing but there is so many great items so I created this list for you of travel theme bed and bath items.

Let me know your favorite item!

Check out the Paris theme Bedroom ideas here so items are definitely works with each room.

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