Paris Theme Bedroom

by Breanne

March 23, 2021

Right now most of the world still can’t travel far if at all, but that doesn’t mean we can’t add some travel theme decor to our world, today I’m bringing you Paris themed bedroom ideas. I put this collection together thinking more about a tween – teenager life. It could of course go further or younger as even I love so many of these touches.

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Decorating Paris Theme Room

Today, let’s take a dream trip thru Paris and redecorate a bedroom to reflect our inner self even if we can’t travel right now. Paris in colors is pink! You can add these big time or just in little touches. Next of course is what everyone things about is the Eiffel Tower. As most girls around this tween – teenager years love glitter, fluff, and soft items.

Bed Pillows and Quilt

Gray Bedspread with White Stripespink bedspreadWhite background with Effie tower bike and hearts on bedspreadWords Paris in pink, gold file tower and other images on a bedspread and pillowsBlack bedspread with teal, pink, and white Eiffel tower










Using more solid color bedspread allows for when you want to change designs and themes to be easier done. Pink or Gray will go great with this theme. Included many different price points and not just style but also bed sizes. Personal favorite is the gray and white with the texture and subtle pattern so that can be used in many times of bedrooms.

Wall Decorating


Paris Street, Roses with Crazy in Love, Eiffel Tower with girl in front all photo images   Fairy Lights for the wall. Umbrella in front of Eiffel tower, telephone booth photos in pink  Bright Pink Bike and Flower Petals in front of the Eiffel Tower with blue and pink background

Black and White image of Paris with Pink flowers bordering it


These lights will not only light up a room but will make it fun and cozy. Don’t you just love these prints that will work for whatever style you choose to display. Choosing a favorite is too much here they are all so wonderful. They also give you different feel for your room.

Desk Fun

Eiffel Tower Lamp for Table or DeskTower Eiffel Light

Laser Cut Eiffel Tower

Alpha Crafts Light

pink trashcan

Decorating a room can be overwhelming so hoping this helps cut down on some of the noise and makes it easier to choose. Just loving these creative lights and having a trash can in every room of the house keeps down on cluttered papers. So why not make it pink!


Pink to Gray Ombre Bedroom CurtainsPink Ruffle Bedroom Curtains






Aren’t these curtains just so creative. Just loving the ruffles.

Bedroom Decor

Pink and white Laundry basket with Life is beautiful in goldParis and Eiffel Tower Hamper with pinks and blues and blackPink and black and white with images of Paris like tower, mirror, dress, etcParis Rug Round with bike and hot air balloon

Light and Plug Plate with Paris and Macaroons

Couture Light Plates

Eiffel Tower with Flowers on sequin pillow

Happy Camper TX






These are such creative hampers, just love how they make something we need and turn it into something decorative. My favorite is the Life is Beautiful, just because it’s so true. Finish off your room with these amazing touches, I mean who has seen such a cool circle rug or add touches to your light switch. The personalized pillow case is also a great favorite and works awesome as a gift too.


Choosing pictures from Etsy is a little harder. Created a list of travel bedroom and bathroom items for you.

Check our our Paris Theme Bathroom post.

So go on and start creating your new room and let me know below what item you’re most excited about!

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