London Theme Bedroom

by Breanne

March 24, 2021

Wishing you could travel but still haven’t been able to visit or aren’t allowed to travel yet? Showing off London in the bedroom is today’s theme. There are so many wonderful pieces of London that can be represented in your room between Big Ben, Double Decker Busses, and the crown. Another cool thing is you could add small pieces of hidden Disney with this type of room as Mary Poppins takes place in England so does Peter Pan.

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Aren’t these curtains just amazing? I love the big prints available on some of them. You can go with a valance if you don’t want to block the full window. Some of the others work on a window you want blocked more often than others and some of the others will work just as the side of the window.

Wall Decorations






London Travel Photos

JLM Portraits

Travel Explorer Adventures Words Maps


Watercolor London Print

Art Poster Shop






These wall decorations allow you to go whatever way you want to take the bedroom, if it’s more colorful, bold, black and white. You can even take these to make a collage.

Pillow & BedSpreads




How cute are these two London Prints? Lovely blue and gray works to go with any bedroom so you can change when needed. These pillows are amazing and add to any teal bedroom.

Bedroom Items

London Bus Puzzle

Little Timbers Clock

London Bus Bedroom Desk Light







These London Bedroom Items help add special touches to the room either with a London Laundry Hamper to Double Decker Light Bus. Have fun with a long rug or a puzzle made just for your room. No bedroom is complete without a trash can! I love the shape and size of this one.

Etsy isn’t as easy to link so I created a list of all my favorite travel room items for your to check out.

Let me know which one is your favorite down below!

Not sure what country to travel to next? We have a post on Paris Bedroom and Paris Bathroom too.

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