Walt Disney Hometown Marceline

by Breanne

July 13, 2017

Walt Disney Hometown is everything in magic with everything Walt thought of the town.

Since our home base is in Kansas, we left at 7:30am and got to town right before 10:00 with rain and storms. Since we arrived a bit before the town opened, we started with the Son of the dreaming tree.

We first came into town and saw the farm house which has been restored so doesn’t look like the original.

Then make sure to bring a pen or marker for this next stop. Go a little further down the road and you have the son of the dreaming tree and then across the bridge is the barn. The original barn was saved from being sold a few years ago and is in the park in Los Angeles. They reconstructed a duplicate and it’s so awesome to see the messages to the Disney family and Walt. It’s also easy to imagine through the stories of Walt and Ruth playing there.

Visiting Walt Disney's Barn in Marceline

We then headed to the Walt Disney Hometown Museum. I could of spent so many more hours here reading more. With the kids ages 6 and 8 we were able to read the big info and some of the small stuff. We didn’t get to read the letters or anything like that. When the ladies talk who have meet Walt and other members of the Disney family you can just hear the history coming out so wonderful. You also learn some of the railroad history of the time which it’s really deep in. If your driving through and a Disney fan at all it’s worth the stop.

Marceline Train Station

We then drove to Ep Ripley Park to see the trains and the bridge and walked to the post office to get a hand cancelled piece of mail. It’s worth the stamp for a Disney family. It was now lunch time so we ate at Ma Vic’s Corner Cafe. Very good food and we couldn’t get enough of the fries.

Looking at the trains

Across the street is Coke Corner and the Coke Wall.

The wall at Coke Corner

Next we tried to find the Walt Disney Elementary school. Google took us to the back side of the school. When we drove down the gravel path we found the front. The hand painted Disney decorations and info they have in the hallway is nice. I wish we would of had time to visit more of the stores in town but we had friends to meet at 2:30.

Walt Disney Elementary

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