West Flanders Park

Castle Playground at West Flanders
by Breanne

June 7, 2021

West Flanders is located in Shawnee at the corner of 55th and Nieman. This park has always had a special meaning to me as some of my ancestors helped form this park. It is know to some as the Belgian Park.

West Flanders Gazebo

Park Features

shade shelter at rose garden

West Flanders Park features a half mile walking trail. But it’s famous in Shawnee for the Rose Garden which was removed in 2020 and now features a lovely garden with many types of plants ran by Johnson County Master Gardners. The paved walking trail has benches to sit and lovely trees.

Flower Garden

There are two shelters. One near the parking lot with restrooms, and another near the playground. Other features are a playground, green space, swings, and restrooms. There is a nice paved path around the playground and a second shelter. Very nice with littles ridding scooters or balance bikes. The shelters feature grills along with picnic tables.

WWI Memorial Sign

A new feature of 2021 is a WWI Memorial Plaza with a circle field of Poppies.

Poppies at West Flanders Park

West Flanders Playground Features

castle playground at West Flanders

The playground features two traditional swings and two infant swings. The magical features of this playground is that it looks like a castle and there is even a sea monster protecting the castle for kids to climb on. There is a small wavy slide and curved slide accessible by steps to get to the larger playground from this side you would need to use the swinging monkey bars. The other side of the playground has more steps to reach the small curved slide that bridges into the large part of the castle.

swirl slide at castle

The larger part of the castle has a double slide and a swirly slide with a platform connecting the two. On the ground floor there is a tunnel in the castle. One of the other ways to get to the top part of the castle is swirly steps with the fire pole in the middle.

sea monster play feature at Shawnee Park


Overall, this playground is wonderful with shade, bathrooms, paved walk path, beautiful flowers, and shelters. The rubber ground also means that it’s easy to play on with rubber mulch under the swing area. You should check out this magical castle playground next time you’re in Shawnee.

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