8 Emergency Supplies to Have on Hand

by Breanne

April 7, 2023

If you haven’t already, go on over to this blog post about emergency preparedness for tips and steps for preparing a potentially life saving plan for you and your family.

I mentioned a few of these items in that blog, post but here is a list of eight items recommended for general emergency preparedness products.

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The most important thing we talked about is water! Water is crucial for survival, this is a nano filtration water purifier pump. Another option is LifeStraws. These are more personal but also work.

As we talked about water being our top property emergency preparedness, food is your second. This 30 day emergency supply kit comes in a bucket with a menu plan and has high ratings.

You have food, you have water, but you need a way to cook it. Of course, a fire would always work, but something like a lightweight portable camping stove works better. You also should have some type of pans and cooking utensils too.

Another good thing is this solar, hand crank, battery-operated flashlight, radio, and USB charger. This is a great option because you have multiple ways of making it work depending on what’s available.

Last but not least is a first aid, and survival kit. I picked this one because it had a knife, shovel, and some first aid items.

If you were never a Boy Scout like me and got all your knots confused, I like this handy guide you can put in your kits.

If you need an excellent set to cook with that also includes utensils and dishes, this set is great as it includes enough for a family of six.

And if you’re going to be cooking outside, you’re going to need a good, portable camp stove. This Coleman camp stove is a nice one.

Do you have a plan in case an emergency arises? Check out my steps for preparing an emergency plan!

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