Ad Astra Park

Ad Astra Little Playground Slides and climbers
by Breanne

June 15, 2021

Ad Astra Park is located in Lenexa off of 83rd and Maurer Road. It sits between an elementary school and one of city’s pools. This is where parking is located too as well as an access sidewalk to the park and playground area.

Shelter at Ad Astra Park

Park Features

Ad Astra park is connected to neighboring trails. It also holds one of the city’s pools, along with having green space to play. This park is ten acres of fun and along with those it has a shelter with a grill and electricity. This park has restrooms and a drinking fountain but they are a little bit of a walk from the playground as they are connected to the pool building.

Green Space at Lenexa Park

Ad Astra Playground

Ad Astra Big Playground

The playground area has two main structures one more for little kids and the other for older kids. One of the other structures is the swing set area which features two traditional swings, one infant swing, and one swing that is made for those who need it. It also has a musical instrument area that has instruments including maracas that we haven’t seen before.

musical instruments at park

The older playground features a ramp off the side hill so you can wheel onto the playground and play with the features that are available there. There is a double slide and a curved slide off the platform. The playground has a climbing wall, rock wall, and rock stairs also to get up to the platform.

Climber and Slide at Lenexa Ad Astra Park

The little playground has steps to a walk path leading to a double slide and a small curved slide. It also has a slide looking item that I think is meant to be climbed up as it’s particularly wavy. This playground also has lillypad steps and foot and hand hold board to use to get up to the top.

lillypad steps on little playground

back side of Ad Astra Little Playground

Overall, it’s nice to have a shelter with a grill and restrooms available and a playground that has features allowing all kids of all ages to play together. There is some shade available at this park too along with the open green space. This playground has seen better days but doesn’t effect play the soft material that the playground are on is due for a replacement.

Rock climber, playground slide at Ad Astra


Don’t forget to check out Lenexa’s other playgrounds or travel outside the city limits to find these other amazing parks.

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