Gum Springs Park

wavy and tunnel slide at gum springs
by Breanne

June 17, 2021

Gum Springs Park is located in Shawnee, Kansas between 65th and 67th street. At just under ten acres, this park has lots to offer from playgrounds, soccer, baseball, and walking trails.

shelter at shawnee park

Park Features

Gum Springs is known for its walking trails, which are easily accessible as there are parking lots on both ends of this park. There are also restrooms, four baseball/softball fields that are busy in the spring and fall ball time. There is also some green space and soccer fields for game time. As well as two shelters with picnic tables to sit under.

double slide on gum springs fort playground

Gum Springs Playground Features

curvy slide at gum springs park playground

This playground is done in Lincoln Log or Wild West fashion. Which my kids just loved having a different style. Using steps, you can easily get to the shorter double slide or go a little further and get to the twisty slide. This playground is fun with having four slides on each corner. There is also a solid bridge that connects to the other corner where there is a tunnel slide and wavy slide. There is also a spiral fireman pole and ladders and windows to keep watch out of and little picket fences to find behind. One of the shelters is nearish the playground too.

tunnel and wavy slide at park

Check out other Shawnee Parks or explore outside in other city area parks.

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