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by Breanne

June 1, 2020

Helping Children Understand Racism

I don’t even know where to start, but what I do know is our country is crying out for help. There will be no quick fixes to the problems of our world including racism. I do know we need to be teaching our children more about racism for all colors. Right now it’s the black people who are hurting, in history at different times it been others and none of its right. We need to teach our children to be better then we are. We need to pray and bring God back into our lives to bring peace. We need to all be in this together. So to start, we put together some recommendations to teach our children about racism. 

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If you don’t know where to start I have gathered a few resources for you depending on the age range of your children.

Books about diversity


Watch this movie with Amazon Prime, its about a 10 year old girl who lives during the Civil Rights Movement. If you don’t have Amazon Prime you can sign up for it here for free for 30 days. 

This book is considered a great introduction to the topic of racism. Geared towards ages 5 and up. I think every age can learn from this book. 

This book is great for your younger audience. What better way to start early and start with a book that says we are all the same on the inside but we are different. This book is older but everyone loves Big Bird and Sesame Street has always done a good job of highlighting differences. 

In this book  the dragon isn’t like his friends and he gets worried and is shown that everyone is different and that’s a good thing. 

We love the Who, What Books?, this book is no different, the book is about the March on Washington, and the I have a dream speech. These books are geared for a little older of an audience then some of my other recommendations. I know this book isn’t directly related but I feel like its a good addition to show some of the history too. A few other recommendations. 



American Girl

          In these series of books, it’s not a direct true story. Except for this one it uses real facts and stories. The other two Melody American Girl books are fiction, but I have read several and they take a person, in this case Melody, and make it relatable to read and intertwine truth in it and history within the story, which helps some children relate a little more. 

Freebie Alert

its a small world coloring page

We have also included this free coloring sheet, of each different backgrounds in the same boat. We are all in this together to stop diversity. Also, we love these markers for coloring people, gives it more realism. If you don’t like markers, don’t worry they have crayons and colored pencils too. See a list of them all here



Do you have some other recommendations for racism? Please share the name in the comments so others can search for them too. 

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