Quarantine Family Summer Bucket List

Smore bonfire summer family ideas
by Breanne

May 27, 2020

Looking for New Ideas for 2020 SUMMER?

This summer isn’t looking like the last one. Your state might be under stay at home orders, just starting to reopen, but traveling and going where we want isn’t the same this year. That’s why we created a Quarantine Summer Bucket List for your family.

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Are you thinking to yourself how are you going to fill the time, and what are you going to do?

Summer 2020 family activity

We also wanted to come up with a bucket list for this quarantine summer. I am not suggesting to try all this but pick a few and have fun with creating memories more at home this summer. Also don’t stress yourself out too much, kids can be bored. They come up with some neat things when we allow them to be bored.


  1. ¬†Backyard Camp Out – Get the tent and pitch it in the backyard, the best part of this is there is still an indoor bathroom and running water right there. ūüôā Can you tell I am not a camper.
  2. ¬†Bonfire – If you’re seeing a few people, invite them over for a bonfire which goes well with number 3.
  3. ¬†S’mores – Grab the chocolate, marshmallows, and graham crackers. Want to get creative use Fudge Stripe Cookies. My friend loves to use Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups instead of a Hershey Bar. Get creative!
  4. Make Your Own Snow Cones – Use Kool-Aid to make a fun and yummy syrup recipe. Blend the ice in the blender for a fun cool treat.
  5.  Movie Night РLet the kids pick and snuggle up and watch the newest flick. Popcorn is a must in our house. Add your favorite candies to your next grocery order. Chris recent reviews of family movies.
  6. ¬† Catching Lightning Bugs – (or Fireflies) It’s so much fun to act like a kid again, run around and laugh as you try to see how many you can catch.
  7.  Tie Dye Shirts РTulip is our favorite brand and easy, check this one out
  8.  Scavenger Hunt РHide some clues around the house and outside or make a list of items to find on a walk to take pictures of.
  9.  Backyard Dance Party РElizabeth says this is the best exercise. Fun, and it sure gets a lot of laughs. Looking for new music check out Spotify or Amazon Music, you can get a free 30 day trial.
  10.  Backwards Day РAnywhere from eating desert for breakfast, breakfast for lunch, to wearing your clothes backwards.Ice Cream Summer
  11.  Drive Thru Sundae РDrive thru your favorite ice cream place to enjoy the drive and talking.
  12.  Drive-In Movies РGet out of the house, yet stay in your car. Win-Win. Pack your favorite drinks, candies, and popcorn.
  13. Make Slime – An idea but not my first pick for sure, but if I was going to make slime I would go with an easy kit like this. My favorite is the Glow in the Dark.
  14. Make Play Dough – Use some flour, water, and salt to make your own play dough, safe and toxic free.
  15. Water Balloon Fight – Again Easy, I don’t need anything else to complicate life. I love these self filling water balloons, our favorite brand is Zuru. Want a few to choose from look at these rated ones and you don’t even have to leave your house.
  16. Water Gun Fight – Grab up those water guns around the house and start a fun cooling off war. We sometimes team up parents vs kids or boys vs girls.
  17. Nerf Battle – Spouse working back in the office? Leave a gun for him when he walks in and start an epic house battle. Stress relief and feel like a kid and the kids will love that you’re all playing together.
  18. Fishing – This is our kids favorite fishing pole. Check out your local river and lakes for operating times.
  19. Hiking – Many of the parks and national areas are opening back up great time to take a hike up and find a new trail to love.
  20. ¬†Berry Picking – If you’re in the Kansas City area, our favorites are The Berry Patch another favorite is Gieringer’s Family Patch.
  21. Sprinkler Play – When our kids were babies, we loved these. We don’t have a trampoline, but these trampoline sprinklers look fun.
  22. Slip N Slide – This was my favorite as a kid, so I loved introducing it to my kids.
  23. Build the Ultimate Fort – Use clothespins, blankets, folding tables, chairs, boxes, and hair ties.
  24. Learn Something New – So many videos from learning a new craft or language, etc.
  25. Family Walk – Using two feet to go somewhere together. ūüėČ
  26. Watch the Sunset – Drive out to the country or an area where you can see out and watch the sun go down. If you’re a morning person, you can always watch the sunrise.
  27. Make Your Own Ice Cream – Some awesome recipes pinned over on Pinterest.
  28. Crafty Day – Make Friendship bracelets with floss, or use paracord to make something a little different, or plastic thread and pony beads to make some keychains, another great and easy craft is perler beads.
  29. Backyard Kiddie Pool – Nothing more fun then some pool time.
  30. Shaving Cream on a Slide – We grab some shaving foam from the Dollar Store or Walmart. Make sure you get foam and not gel.quarantine summer bucket list sprinkler
  31.  Messy Day РFinger painting, some cloud dough, chalk.
  32. Kid Pick Dinner Night – Fix each kids’ favorite one evening this month.
  33. Dinner with no silverware – Kids love this not sure why. Tacos, hamburgers, hot dogs, if you want to do something messy you could do spaghetti.
  34. Train Watching – Grab a snack or drink go park by the track and watch the trains go by, remember safety and stay off the tracks.
  35. Airplane Watching – Closer to an airport? Grab a snack and drink and watch the planes take off and land.
  36. Karaoke Day – Each pick a song look up the lyrics or find a video on YouTube and give each other a show.
  37. Make Cotton Candy РNow this one you do need a machine, but if you do many gatherings its fun to have around. This one is ours.
  38. Make Homemade Pizza – Either grab an already done crust on your next order or you can fancy and make dough. Another choice is to use refrigerated biscuits and flatten them.
  39. Make Homemade Donuts – If you can eat gluten the easiest way is using biscuits here too. If you don’t want to fry or want gluten free the easiest is to use cake mix and a doughnut pan.
  40. Lego Challenge – Get some Legos, and see who can make the best house, or theme parks, come up with another idea.
  41. Paint Rocks – Get some flat rocks and acrylic paint, then go on a walk or hike to hide them and bring joys to others.
  42. Picnic – Grab some food and head out and find some green space to enjoy a picnic. Maybe grab the Frisbee from off the roof.
  43. Spa Day – Grab your girls or just you and give yourself a manicure or pedicure, maybe a mask, or a bath.
  44. Talent Show – Play a song, put on a skit, play an instrument, show each other your talents.
  45. Lowe’s or Home Depot Build Kits – Great way to introduce some tools, normally you just need a hammer and wood glue or a screw driver.
  46. Plant a Garden – Veggies or some fruits, maybe basil so it can do double duty and keep the mosquitoes away too.
  47. Teach your Favorite Playground Game – Jump Rope, Four Square, hopscotch.
  48.  Chalk Masterpieces РDraw some pictures, trace each other, play some games, write messages
  49. Bubbles – This makes bubbles so much easier to deal especially little ones.
  50. Olympic Games – Nothing like a little competition fun.

Smore bonfire summer family ideas



  1. Basketball Game – Don’t want to play a full game, play HORSE, or make up your own word
  2. Soccer Game – Kick some balls around.
  3. Kickball or Whiffle Ball – Do a quick game with these easy to get supplies.
  4. Playing in the Rain – This one is completely free, just wait for a nice summer rain with no thunder or lightning to stay safe.

Make sure you stay safe and use your best judgment for your area.

Leave us a comment below or join us on Facebook to tell us what you’re going to do this summer. We have a free printable so you can mark them off as you finish them!

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