Na Nex Se Park

Big Kid Playground at Na Nex Se Park
by Breanne

June 15, 2021

Na Nex Se Park is located in Lenexa off 83rd Terrance and Lackman Road. The entrance is off of a subdivision street circle.

Monkey Rings, Climbing, Slide at playground Na Nex Se

Park Features

This park has a half court basketball court behind the trees, playgrounds, and a trail that connects to Oak Valley Trails on 83rd and Lackman

Na Nex Se Swings

Na Nex Se Park Playground Features

Little Kid Playground Na Nex Se

Na Nex Se playground has two play systems. One is geared towards the younger crowded and one towards the larger crowd. The little kid playground is on astro turf. For the littler playground, it features steps to a platform where you can go down two different slides. There is a double straight or a curved slide. There are also other ways up to the platform. You can use a rope and wood ladder of sorts. Under the playground is a little picnic table with two sets and a table.

Na Nex Se Little Slide and steps

The larger kid playground has mulch and is the located on the two infant swings and two traditional swings. This playground also has steps up to multiple platforms. The first platform brings you to the floating lily pad sticks which is also on another platform with monkey rings that goes in a circle. There is also a wheel to spin on. The next steps take you to more platforms that lead to the double curved slide. On each of these platforms are other ways to get on to the playground. There a curved ladder, a net circle ladder, or a curved rock wall. On the bottom of the playground there are a few things for kids to play with or a circle to climb through.

Don’t forget to check out other Lenexa parks or visit a surrounding city park with multiples to choice from.

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