Tuba Christmas at Kauffman Center

by Breanne

December 12, 2016

Today we adventured to Tuba Christmas at the Kauffman Center for Performing Arts. It’s a free program put on by Kauffman and other contributors, it was just beautiful. We even took my grandma since she has a love for Christmas music and instrumental music.

Waiting for the tuba players to begin Excited to hear some Christmas musicI believe they said there were 436 tubas playing today and over 700 from the two days. Today’s youngest member on stage was 11 and the oldest was 85. It was so awesome seeing so many people of all ages playing Christmas music together. I was so glad I got tickets. If you are wanting tickets to see this next year start keeping your eyes open around Back to School time in August, I think that is when I reserved mine. Sign up fast as these concerts do sell out. Both levels are filled with several different types of tubas. I love introducing my kids not only to music but the symphony. The musicians even decorated their tubas.

Great holiday music All of the tuba players

Other tips make sure you get there at least a good 30-45 minutes early, even earlier if you are trying to find street or cheaper parking. The parking garage was around $8. I know there is parking across the street from the garage and its normally around $3-5 in the open-air parking lot and there is cheaper street parking also. Enjoy the pictures.

Watching the Tuba Show

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