Winwood Park

Winwood Park Little Playground
by Breanne

August 4, 2021

Winwood Park is located in Gardner Kansas off North White Drive. This park is located in the back of a subdivision.

Park Features

Winwood Park has a shelter, grill, drinking fountain, and picnic tables. They also have access to the trails that go through Gardner Greenway System including green space to play and run around. There are also benches near the playground. There are no restrooms and only street parking. 

Shelter House at Winwood

Winwood Park Playground

This park has two playgrounds: one made for smaller kids and one for larger kids.

little playground slides and bridges at Winwood

The small playground features a small sand area and a motorcycle bouncer. Then on the playground itself, it has four slides which is awesome there are stairs that take you to a small slide straight slide. Then, a bridge that takes you over to another straight slide there is also other types of step ladders and a traditional ladder to get onto this playground on the other side of the playground. There are another two slides and they are both also straight while one is a double. 

small slide on big playground at Gardner park

The large playground features steps that go up to a twisty slide and a walk a crossed platform Fireman pole and a short straight wide slide. There is also a curved ladder to get up to that platform there is another small platform with curved Lillypad stairs that go to a small platform then there are these plastic tunnel bridge stairs that take you out to the big tunnel slide on this playground which is really neat.

twisty slide and curved ladder on large playground

It also has untraditional monkey bars a bouncer and something that I could not figure out it looks like a butterfly and it does kind of turn back-and-forth and there are also two traditional swings on the side of the park.

big tunnel slide on playground

Overall this is another great park other than it is traditional mulch. The playgrounds are well-kept but there are no restrooms and no parking lot making it best for the residents nearby than somebody who wants to spend several hours at the park.

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