Amazon Early Access Deals

by Breanne

October 11, 2022

Amazon early access deals start today October 11-12, 2022. These are early access black Friday deals to compete with Target announcement of having an early sale. So let’s start by saying some money. You do need to be a prime member to get access but you can sign up for a free trial here. Amazon Prime will get you free access to videos, 3 day shipping, photo storage (my favorite part), and more.

Disclaimer We are part of the Amazon Affiliate Program, so just a little commission might be earned at no additional cost to you.

This is amazon so always check the price listed as they can change quickly.

Top Toy Deals

Get started for the holiday season early with these top toy deals. There are deals from Osmo, LeapFrog, Nintendo, Lego, and many more. These are great prices to be had on some ideas to get you started don’t eh holiday season and to help spread out the cost of those gifts for your loved ones.

Some classic board games to play as a family also make great gifts. Scrabble Deluxe has trays and groves for your letters. At almost 50% off a great steal.

Nerf Gun Dino Style over 50% off makes a great gift at this price you can even stick it in your gift closet.

Green Toys Tea Set at a great price for any one to play tea.

Green Toys Ferry Boat with Cars at over 50% off a great buy to get started on Christmas.

Green Toys Pink Tool Set at half off is a nice buy for any little kid, love that they are dishwasher safe and recycled plastic and made in the USA.

If you have kiddos into Calico Critters on your list, check out some of the great deals going on with some of the sets.





Also, some have coupons on top of the prime deal so make sure to look and click for that box.

Some aren’t prime deals but are still on a sharp sale, so here is the link to all of their items also. Even if your daughter isn’t into Calico Critters some of the accessory-only packs work with Littlest Pet Shop.

Melissa and Doug Wooden Take Along Sorting Barn at half off is a great deal.

Some other great Melissa and Doug item is wooden cutting fruit set.

Pizza Play Food Topping options to change in and out making it fun to play kitchen.

Play Restaurant with Menu, money, and all the pieces.

Green Toys Minnie Mouse Baby Stacker.

LeapFrog Movies and Toys have always been one of my favorites for my kids. There are several deals today, here is list of all of them. Then a few of my favorites are below.

This LeapFrog Basket has shorting shapes and you can have a picnic is over 50% off today.

Vtech Latch and Busy Doors use lots of different types of latches and hooks to get in the houses and windows.

LeapFrog Scoop and Learn Ice Cream Cart, this thing is adorable and wish it was around when my kids were little.

Osmo is still a favorite of ours I know they now have items for preschool but we start at about 6 and they still play with the pizza game at 11 and 13. Check out all the Osmo since most of its on Prime Early Sale.

Little People have been around forever and are still a classic toy for many. We have many pieces too. This Fisher-Price Little People Barn is on a nice sale.

This Fisher Price Mixing Bowl with pretend food is adorable and it’s over 50% off on early access day.

Crafting Deals on Amazon Early Deals

Crafting this holiday season, know a crafter, or add to your own supply with these awesome deals for kids and adults. Also pick up markers, crayons, colored pencils just to add to the art bucket.

Let’s first start off with some kids craft items.

I have purchased this 100 ct. Super Tip Markers for my kids they thought it was the coolest thing ever and make a great little gift under the tree.

This newer 120 specialty colors with glitter, neon, confetti, metallic and pearl crayons.

Crayola Scribble Scrubbies if this is on your list at 50% off a great buy.

Giant Coloring Pads for over 50% make this a steal.

Have a crafty kid on your list these little kits make it easier on parents. This set is making your own Soap.

Aquabeads Kit uses beads and water to make creatures.

Some crafting pen deals for moms or teens. I just love a good colored pen. I don’t like boring black.

Papermate had Flair Felt Tip Pens over 60% off. Nice 16 colors and they write so nice.

Sharpies are fun too, this is just over 30% off making it a decent deal with many colors including the mystic gems.

Papermate Ink Joy Gel pens in beautiful colors and write nicely.

Amazon Early Access Travel Deals

Getting back to traveling this holiday season and need to update some of your items, check out these special deals. Travel is starting to pick up again since 2020, so make sure you have what you need to hit the road or airport or track.

Looking for a cheaper alternative to Airpods check out these by JBL. This is a company that has been around a while. They offer two main styles. This one sticks in your ear and then has a piece coming down. This one just has the piece in your ear. They both come in three different colors.

Hydroflask are on sale, here are some of the items included.

Lifestraws is great for anyone traveling or camping. They have the original and filter bottle all around 50% off.

Bagsmart travel roll jewelry Case. Holds a good amount without taking up too much room. This is a wonderful price, great for you or anyone you love that travels a lot.

Packing Cubes are amazing I love these and have written a few articles on how to use packing cubes. We have few colors for each family member.

Kitchen Deals

Looking for ideas for your own kitchen or for the budding chef on your gift list, here you go. Some favorites that I found.

Air Fryers are all the rage and I mean I get it we use ours daily. We have upgraded a few times actually. This is the way I see it if you like crispy food and the edge piece of a brownie this will get way more use than your Instant Pot. We do use our Instant Pot some just not as much as our airfyer, but then again we didn’t use our crockpot as much either.

This Instant Vortex has dual baskets that are dishwasher safe and 8 functions.

NuWave Bravo AirFryer Oven also has a digital meat thermometer. This is the one we have and love it. Don’t forget the coupon for an even extra savings.

Don’t need such a big airfyer check out this little simple to use DASH airfyer.

Vitamix is a wonderful blender is you make a lot of smoothies. They are built like a restaurant.

If Vitamix is a little too much for you this Ninja always has done a great job for us. We have had both the cup system and the regular blender.

Food Saver Space Vacuum Sealer. This is just over 40% off, this really does make food better in the freezer, and buying in bulk to keep it from frost bite.

One of the reasons I love my Kitchen Aid Mixer so much is that it has so many attachments you can eliminate the need for whole other appliances in your kitchen.

This is new this year and can’t wait to get one to try it. The Shave Ice attachment. Talk about having some fun in the summer.

Kitchen Aid Spiralizer is amazing if you like spiral veggie noodles, it is also awesome for doing apples.

Kitchen Aid Pasta Press Attachment with interchangeable plates, make pasta making so much easier. This is one of my top attachments.

These aren’t the most exciting deals as they are just household items but hey if we can say on them then we have some extra money else we’re right.

Gillette and Venus Razors and Refills

The Venus Mini is great for travel!

Okay, well these might be exciting deals. The iRobot mop and vacuum systems. Clear up some free time by having a robot mop and vacuum for you. I don’t have these yet but several family members do and they love it.

Which one are you going to pick up?

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