Backyard Scientist

by Breanne

June 26, 2020

Amazing Backyard Science Experiments

This past week we did a 3 day lesson with my aunt’s church through SBO. This year, since stay at home orders make it difficult to do the traditional camps and programs, her church made a kit for home. They came all wrapped up in boxes, it was fun for the kids to open.

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Did you think God, Jesus, and Science can be in the same sentence?

Grace Church, a Christian church, who put this on did an amazing job sending all the supplies and other activities. I love how they took a subject like science which is difficult and related it to God and Jesus. It disappeared like he did from the tomb, things like that. Here is a clip of what we did.

Have you ever wanted to be a scientist?


So as you can see the kids had lots of fun and I was thinking some of my readers might like this too. So I came up with a few ideas for you.

Most of the experiments are things you can do at home if you’re just wanting to be a backyard scientist using the supplies below. Just click the picture to get to it on Amazon.


mentos volcano kit

This kit is really cool, because you use the tube over and over again. As you saw in the video Elizabeth had trouble getting hers to go straight into the bottle.



mentos science experiment for kidsIf you have something you can make a tube out of or make one of of paper you can order a whole box or Mentos. You could have more than one explosion.



I have purchased this stuff before its called Instasnow. Its really cool, you just add water, watch it grow and then play with it. This is great for one or maybe two kids, I linked a bigger one below that’s great for several kids or if you want to do it more than once.



This kit makes 4 gallons of instant snow. You could even buy it and split it with your family and friends.




alka seltzer originalWe used Alka-Seltzer to make rockets. Used a simple film canister and off they went.




Otherwise they also are taking names on a wait list if you want to try and get yourself a full kit. Visit here.

I am also going to link some other fun and exciting science activities you can do this unusual summer.

Also looking for some other quarantine summer fun check out this list .

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