Explosive Fourth of July Freebies

freedom 4th of july free printables
by Breanne

July 3, 2020

Make It An Explosive Fourth With These Free Coloring Pages!

The Fourth of July is tomorrow! It is the day that represents our freedom and independence from the British. I am thankful for our country today and always. If we would not declare our independence and won our freedom from Britain, our way of life would be very different today. Our country may not be perfect by any means, but I am forever glad to call myself an American. To celebrate the 4th of July, we have made some special freebies for you and your family!


Did you know that some people think we should be celebrating on July 2nd when the vote took place? Others believe it should have been August 2nd because that’s when the official copy of the Declaration of Independence was actually signed by all 56 signers. Our celebrating would look different in the fall as swimming and other activities aren’t as easy, especially in our northern states.

There has only been one President born on the Fourth of July. That President was Calvin Coolidge, the 30th President of the United States, born July 4th, 1872. On the flip side, three Presidents died on July 4th: Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, and James Monroe.

While America declared its independence from British rule in 1776, the Fourth of July wasn’t actually declared an official holiday until 1870. Additionally, the first Fourth of July party celebrated at the White House wasn’t even held until 1801!

4th of july free coloring pages

The Current Year

On a normal year, at a normal Fourth of July celebration, we would celebrate with fireworks, swimming, BBQ, friends, and family. This holiday, this year, is going to look a bit different. To give this holiday a little something special, I wanted to include a few coloring pages and a word search for those who might be celebrating alone or having a rainy day this July. Oh, and did I mention they are FREE?!

My sister normally throws an annual 4th of July BBQ with the whole family. But she just had a baby a few weeks ago, so it’s going to look a bit different for us too. The exciting thing is I get to meet my first nephew! We have been very blessed with two nieces so far and can’t wait to meet the newest member of our family.

Coloring Pages and Word Search

We have included some different coloring pages for all levels. While I am not a huge fan of coloring, I used to love word searches. So I made one up just for the 4th of July. I hope you all enjoy finding all the words that I have hidden! And who wouldn’t love coloring in the flag, Uncle Sam’s Hat, and some fireworks? Print out a few copies, have a great time, and make them your own!

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Looking for more ideas for this summer, we have 50 for you here.

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