Advent Calendar Round Up

by Breanne

November 7, 2022

Don’t you love the anticipation of Christmas morning? Advent calendars are a great way to count down the days until Christmas and can be a fun activity for anyone. There are so many different types of advent calendars that we decided to do this round-up to make it easier for moms. Between traditional and unique, take a look and see what is best for your family! Let’s get ready for the holiday season!

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Christmas background. Wrapped with ribbon gift boxes, toys and others presents with the numbers as Advent calendar on rustic wooden table background

Last Minute Advent Calendar Ideas

The first two are printable advent calendars. They are quick and easy and can be done from home. They can even be done on December 1st making them perfect for last minute ideas.

The first one is more religious with a manger scene and multiple levels depending on if it’s for kids or adults. This second one is a house and each window and door is a different day.

pine with bell and ornaments at top with two papers laid on it with printable advent calendars.

Advent Calendars for Kids

There are so many choices for kids which is nice so you can grab one with the appropriate age range and with what they like in mind. One popular advent calendar is with PlayDoh. This comes with 24 mini Playdohs and little toys. Also, for older kids there are cards to show you how to make seasonal characters like snowmen. Do you have a kid who likes to play in the bath tub or likes ducks? Then this rubber duck advent calendar is for them! Another one I have always loved for little kids is the Fisher Price Little People Advent Calendar. Great way to add some extra people to your village. Maybe you need to add some books to your collection? A great way to do that is with this reading advent calendar with 24 mini Disney books.

Bryer Figures have two calendars this year: one is a traditional horse and the other is a unicorn. Another mini item is MiniBrands Foods, we love these to play with American Girl, Barbies, Calico Critters, and Littlest Pet Shops. They also have an advent calendar from MiniBrands Toys, and Disney minis. We had this calendar last year, it was a lot of fun getting surprised about what mini-brand item we would receive. Something that been increasing the last few years is fidgets and here is a calendar to give you 24 of them.

a boy opening a advent calendar bag sitting on a ottemn

LEGO advent calendars are very popular for kids, although they could go in all age ranges. These are super popular and depending on your husband and teen, they work for those age groups as well. There is CITY, MARVEL, Harry Potter, STAR WARS, and FRIENDS.

These are pricey, but if you are in the wooden train world, you know it is pricy to start with. These sets actually aren’t that bad. This HAPE Wooden Train Set comes with an engine, track, bridge, and people. Also for trains, there is this off brand wooden calendar set. Note this is only for 12 days. And, back again this year the Thomas Mini Calendar!

This one is for you BRAVE parents who do slime. If you are able to stand it, God bless you, because I know I can’t handle slime!

tree in background decorated with older teen girl on couch opening present

Advent Calendars for Teens

Advent calendars for teens are a little harder than for children, but they are not impossible. Here is a fun jewelry gift for the tween-teens to make a bracelet and necklace as you count forward to Christmas Day. This jewelry set includes earrings, bracelets, necklaces, and rings.

Is your teen into makeup? This advent calendar gives them something new to try every day. There are other makeup & skincare options such as Trader Joe’s collection , Burts Bees, and The Body Shop. If you aren’t into makeup, what about nail polish? This set from OPI mini is for 2023, OPI 2022 was full size so I am including both. They are so much fun for trying new colors or having a set to practice nail art.

blue wash background with two young adult with Santa hats and sparkly tops and wine glasses in hand.

Advent Calendars Geeky Gifts

If you’re into D&D, look no further than this advent calendar. This works great for both teens and parents! Not into D&D? Maybe you’re into Harry Potter socks or color Changing Hot Cocoa Calendars ! This calendar offers 24 fun days ahead. Neither of those? Maybe you’re into Pop Funkos? Here is a Disney version, it’s so cute! Then there is Star Wars, and Harry Potter.

Advent Calendars for Adults

If you love tea, then this is the calendar for you. it has a different tea to try every day. It is uber popular! Don’t worry though if you’re not into tea, we have you covered with this 12-coffee calendar, just make sure you have a Keurig on hand to try these. Not into tea or coffee? We have a few other suggestions for you like this set of tools, or Spicy Hot Sauce, Yankee Candles, and Fishing Lures. Like crafting? Try this cross stitch advent calendar or one of the diamond paintings.

evergreen, pine cones, and ornaments and two gifts sitting on a floor

Over 18 Advent Ideas

This next option is only if you do rated R, I struggled with suggesting this but also kind of found it funny. Different strokes, different folks, right? So, only look if you are older than 18, for the bedroom. This next suggestion is for the over 21 or legal age folks because it contains spirits. This calendar is only for 12 days of Christmas.

Advent Calendars for the Family

Of course, one simple and easy idea is chocolate. These are under $10 making them affordable! Plus, there are many different designs including some with the manger.

If you are looking for some different specialty chocolates, you have Kinder, Lindt Teddy, Lindt, Godiva, Lindt Truffles, and Hershey.

Another great one for the family is this brain teaser bundle. Give everyone a shot at trying to solve it each day. This year try advent activity tickets to do an activity a day together.

gingerbread looking house with numbers on the windows with the words Christmas Calendar

At-Home Advent Calendar Ideas

There are so many ideas for advent calendars if you are looking for some other ideas then purchasing a premade. You can always just do a simple chain, you can either build it up or take one off each day.

You could just buy a bag of candy and fill your own advent calendar. When my daughter was about 18 months old, we did bows and wrapped up a new bow for her to enjoy.

If you are a crafter, there are several styles to enjoy. For laser crafting, this one looks fun. Or this one with Santa climbing the village. Have an electronic cutting machine? Check out this one to make a little house!

Which idea are you going to choose for your advent calendar this year?

green and pink shapes with Advent Calendar Round Up for the whole family pin


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