Overland Park Round Up

by Breanne

August 17, 2021

Rosehill Park – Park with swings, bouncing toy, and playground. Picnic Tables and benches and a trail. Neighborhood park with no restrooms and street parking.

Rosehill East Park – A newer park with swings, spider web, playground. Shelter, grill, and picnic tables with connecting trail to Rosehill. Neighborhood park with no restrooms and street parking.

Roe Park – Natural play area, sprayground, smaller playground, and larger playground. Green space, restrooms, and parking lot here.

South Lake Park – Nice lake, shelter, playground with many slides and features. Restrooms and parking lot are available here.

Oak Park Park – Features a park, a set of swings, green space, a sledding hill. Neighborhood park with no restrooms and street parking.

Bluejacket Park – Features a park, tennis courts, green space, walking trail. Neighborhood park as it has no restrooms just a parking lot.

Stillwell Community Park – Fenced in, restrooms, and inclusive park

Strang Park – Inclusive Park with inclusive restrooms, life size chess, and fenced in.

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